Customer CloseUp with Dave Glasser - Owner, Airshow Mastering

David "Dave" Glasser is the owner and chief engineer at Airshow Mastering in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Glasser has garnered two Grammies for his work and mastered over 60 Grammy-nominated records. Absolute fidelity and attention to detail for over 30 years of engineering excellence has earned him the trust of his clients and allowed him the freedom to have fun as well.

David is no stranger to Sonic products, having used several generations of the gear. Recently, both the Boulder and Springfield, VA facility have upgraded to soundBlade, in their relentless hunt for better tools and better final product...

We recently posed these five questions to Jeffrey:

1) what are the main elements of your production process?

"I wanted a new system that could drop into my studio and not disrupt the workflow that I’ve developed over the years, using the workstation for playback, capture, and editing in conjunction with a mix of outboard analog and digital processors."

2) Would you describe your system?

It’s a fairly basic, but very high quality production environment. My studio was designed by Sam Berkow of SIA Acoustics and is set up for surround and lock-to-picture. Workstations, in addition to Sonic Studio, include a Sonoma for DSD and SACD work and Pro Tools which is used principally for playback of client’s PT sessions when required. Monitors are Dunlavy SC-Vs and SC-IVs driven by Ayre amps. The analog console, capable of full surround mastering, is a Maselec MTC-6, and outboard is the usual stuff from Manley, Prism, API, Fairman, Weiss, Z-Sys, etc…not to mention the cool analog machines; ATR-100 & Studer A820 covering every track format from mono and 1/4 track, 1/4" to 2, 3, & 4 track, 1/2" with various playback electronics. Converters are the Pacific Microsonics Model 2, and a Prism ADA-8 which is equipped for PCM and DSD conversion."

3) What were the requirements/priorities when you chose your Sonic Studio components?

"Having used Sonic stuff since 1990, and being an old coot, my brain is pretty full and I did not want to have to learn to use a new workstation with a new operating and editing paradigm. Your editing model is absolutely first rate, and unsurpassed. I know the folks at Sonic Studio and am confident that you wouldn’t release a product with less than stellar audio performance. You’re geeks, just like me."

4) How do we fit in your workflow?

"We use PreMaster CD to create CDs for masters, and for refs. It’s a perfect companion to our Pro Tools setups. We have 2 PTHD mix rooms. soundBlade drops right in, cable for cable, in place of my SonicStudio HD. Since I haven’t been using any plug–ins in my mastering setup, I’m looking forward to finding some high quality plug–ins that will complement my tried and true hardware.

We are also heavily involved in audio restoration. NoNOISE played a huge role in our two Best Historical Album Grammy awards. soundBlade offers a deep assortment of restoration tools as well."

This interview was conducted in June of 2007. For information on how Sonic Studio can help your business grow while coping with the often conflicting demands of commercial audio production, please contact our sales professionals at 1-415-944-7642 (944-SNIC) or your local Sonic Studio representative.

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