Spectral Repair Tool

Created exclusively for MacExclusively for OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard & Later

Spectral Repair Tool is designed to remove Mobile Phone rings, coughs, chair squeaks and other non-repetitive disturbances.

  • Remove unwanted acoustical events
  • Correct instrumental tracks
  • Recover forensic dialog & telephone actualities
  • Remove scratches and dropouts from mechanical recordings
  • Eliminate environmental noises from film & video location recordings
  • Eliminate ultrasonic disturbances from DSD recordings
  • Choose from different kinds of interpolation & re-synthesis schemes for flawless results
  • Take out heavy hum & buzz

Beautiful-Sounding Calculations

The Spectral Repair Tool (SRT) option for soundBlade allows visual localization, identification and very precise removal of unwanted audio events without affecting the audio material you want to keep. The removed sound is replaced by a signal re-synthesized from the surrounding material.

SRT for soundBlade provides precise definition of the impairment in both the time and frequency domains. Unlike other superficially similar tools, SRT for soundBlade does its work in the linear-phase domain, so repairs are exceptionally clean and free of artifacts, even with very high noise recordings.

Praise for Spectral Repair Tool


SRT Standard Feautures:

  • Flawless operation with up to 384 kHz sampling rate
  • Enormous time savings when repairing critical live recordings
  • Extraordinary sonic results compared to any other cleaning method due to its selective spectral treatment
  • Processing performed in the linear-phase domain, preventing coloration & artifacting present in other spectral repair tools
  • Precise resizable and zoomable spectrogram with always visible metrics

Transparent Spectral Repair

    Spectral Repair Tool For soundBlade does not make deep gaps in your sound track when eradicating a disturbing sound event. Rather, it's an exactly tailored hole in the spectral representation of the processed signal that can be removed and replaced. The interpolation may even be restricted to certain gain ranges within the selected area, which is very useful if only a certain part of the signal needs to be treated (e.g. one specific harmonic). The Spectral Repair Tool For soundBlade window is fully re-sizable for increased accuracy and optimal compatibility with all screen resolutions.

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit

See It & Fix It - Better

    Unlike work-alike products, Spectral Repair Tool For soundBlade is able to dig into recordings with very low signal-to-noise ratios and pull out usable program. Plus, the ability to cut and paste time and spectral patches and its harmonic noise reducer functions all add to its amazing usefulness.

Typical Applications For Spectral Repair Tool

Removing unwanted noises like sneezing, chair squeaks, coughing, car horns, fallen coins and keys, ringing of a mobile phone, etc.
Correcting instrumental tracks by removing scratches from stringed instruments, wrong notes, rustle of sheet music, keyboard pedal noise, vocalist's breathing, lip smacks and microphone pops
Restoring old recordings by removing scratches and dropouts Cleaning up environmental noise on location recordings for film and television

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit


At a minimum, Spectral Repair Tool for soundBlade requires the following:

  • soundBlade 2.3 or later
  • Apple Macintosh Intel 2.6 GHz minimum or faster preferred
  • 17” or larger display
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or more preferred
  • OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or higher
  • iLok 2 or above required

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