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Problem-Frequency Detector And Eliminator From Legendary Audio & Sonic Studio

I.C.E is a different way of processing audio in the Digital Age. Although primarily designed and used to solve audio problems, it can be used to “sculpt” audio as well.

  • Removes or reduces distortion in recordings
  • Cleans up audio problems including overload, distorted instruments and vocals
  • Eliminates harshness, imbedded distortion, and other recorded audio flaws
  • Available now as AU/VST/AAX for OS X and VST for Windows

Sonic Studio ART combines incredible productivity with all the audio restoration tools you need into one affordable, standalone software package

  • Restore even the most heavily-damaged audio in a simple, intuitive user interface
  • Remove ticks, clicks, distortion, hiss, hum and even coughs, chair squeaks or other spurious noises
  • Record in stereo or mono up to 192 kHz
  • Export multiple songs in a variety of file formats, sample rates and bit depths
  • Full Broadcast WAV metadata support including ISRC
  • Concise Editing -- top/tail, crossfade, copy/paste

Quartet DynPEQ is a digital audio workstation plugin that supports multichannel stems, which makes it appropriate to reside on the master fader or the end of the processing chain.

Geared toward mastering

  • Four DynPEQ bands
  • Multichannel stem capable
  • Output peak limiter
  • Project patch store

Trio DynPEQ is a digital audio workstation plugin offering three bands of dynamic parametric equalization for monophonic input processing.

Geared toward input processing

  • Three DynPEQ bands
  • Single channel insert

Completely Transparent, Utterly Matchless, Simply Beautiful

  • 14 Filter topologies including 1st - 4th order parametrics, shelving, band pass, notch, RIAA, Emphasis and more
  • Metering & gain control to optimize signal level
  • Integrated dither and word length controls
  • Audio Units compliant; works with soundBlade SE, soundBlade HD and production systems such as Apple Logic, MOTU Digital Performer, REAPER, Abelton and other AU compliant software

Ultra-resolution Sample Rate Conversion and batch processing application for OS X

Two types of unsurpassed SRC processing. Efficient Batch Processing.

  • Superior sample rate conversion up to 384 kHz
  • Two SRC types
  • Three dithers
  • Three file types
  • Batch processor

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