NoNOISE Product Comparison

Manual DeClick II

Broadband DeNoise II


Manual DeClick II for soundBlade Repair Modes:

  • Type A — Period or harmonic spectral content
  • Type B — Non–harmonic or mixed spectral content
  • Type C — Period or harmonic spectral content with validated repair
  • Type D — Timbrally–matched content, optimized for voice
  • Type E — Broad spectrum content, distortion reduction Production DeCrackle for background soundfile DeCrackle processing

BroadBand DeNOISE II for soundBlade is effective on these and other types of noise:

  • Modulation and asperity noise on analog magnetic recordings
  • Obtrusive grain–induced noise in optical motion picture soundtracks
  • Johnson-Nyquist noise in analog signal chains
  • Acoustical noises from engines, HVAC units, wind, water, insects & other sources
  • Colorless suppression of excessive reverberation

NoNOISE 3 Plug-in extends the power of NoNOISE:

  • Use in all Mac audio software that supports Audio Units or VST plug-ins
  • Supports AAX / ProTools
  • Take/apply noise estimates for precision reduction
  • Recover forensic dialog & telephone actualities
  • Reduce harmonic distortion
  • Eliminate environmental noises from film & video location recordings
  • Take out heavy hum, hiss & buzz


NoNOISE is the most complete toolset available for audio restoration. Designed to meet the needs of audio professionals, mastering suites, videographers and DVD production studios for the very best restoration possible.

Advanced proprietary algorithms have been developed to address the highest level of quality possible and easily outperform all other restoration tools. NoNOISE provides seamless restoration with minimal artifacts.

Award Winning

NoNOISE has been recognized with Grammy®, Emmy® and Oscar® awards as well as the Mix Technology Hall Of Fame. NoNOISE is absolutely the most impressive and pristine digital audio restoration software available.

Praise for NoNOISE Products

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