Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit

Created exclusively for MacExclusively for OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard & Later

Sonic Studio ART combines incredible productivity with all the audio restoration tools you need into one affordable, standalone software package

  • Restore even the most heavily-damaged audio in a simple, intuitive user interface
  • Remove ticks, clicks, distortion, hiss, hum and even coughs, chair squeaks or other spurious noises
  • Record in stereo or mono up to 192 kHz
  • Export multiple songs in a variety of file formats, sample rates and bit depths
  • Full Broadcast WAV metadata support including ISRC
  • Concise Editing -- top/tail, crossfade, copy/paste


ART Standard Feautures:

  • DeClick and DeCrackle presets - the same as used by top engineers
  • An advanced Spectral Repair Tool to remove spurious noises
  • Adjustable Broadband DeNOISE Lite for hum or hiss removal
  • Four-band Global EQ for tonal shaping
  • Mark, tag, then export repaired files in a variety of sample rates and bit depths in one step

Other Features Included with ART:

  • Record using the Sonic Studio Engine up to 192 kHz/32 bits
  • Simple drag-and-drop support for opening AIF, WAV, BWAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, ALAC
  • Cut/Copy/Paste editing including Sonic's real-time fade adjust
  • Full Broadcast WAV metadata support for recording and export including ISRC, encoding history and SMTPE timestamp
  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) creation and display for defining noise issues


  • Broadband DeNoise Lite uses a precise Noise Estimate to remove hiss and hum with a Threshold and Attenuation control
  • Three (3) NoNOISE DeClick Presets are used for removing clicks, ticks and dropouts using Pitch Type A, General and DeClick buttons
  • Three (3) NoNOISE DeCrackle Presets remove distortion, vinyl surface noise, analog and digital glithes with the Light, Medium and Heavy buttons
  • NoNOISE Repair Tool (Spectrogram - Lite version) provides precise definition of the impairment in both the time and frequency domains. Unlike other superficially similar tools, NoNOISE repair tool does its work in the linear-phase domain, so repairs are exceptionally clean and free of artifacts, even with very high noise recordings
  • Undo button restores the entire file or a small selection with surgical accuracy
  • Four-band Global Equalizer for tonal shaping and timbre correction

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit

Record, Import, & Export

  • Records Two (2) tracks up to 192 kHZ/32 bits
  • Full Broadcast WAV metadata support for recording and export including ISRC, encoding history and SMTPE timestamp
  • Drag and Drop Import Most File Types
  • Export in AIFF, WAV, CAF or Broadcast WAV formats
  • Sample rate conversion on export
  • 16- and 24-Bit Dithering options
  • Support for most USB, FireWire and Thunder Bolt hardware interfaces
  • High-Precision Waveform Display

Multiple Format Exporting

  • Use Track Marks to define and export individual tracks
  • Export as AIFF, WAV, CAF and BWF (with metadata)
  • Full Broadcast WAV metadata support for export including ISRC, encoding history and SMTPE timestamp
  • Drag and Drop Import
  • 32-, 24- or 16-bit word length
  • Export single track or full album in one step

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit Overview Video

Sonic Studio AudioRepair Toolkit Overview Video

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At a minimum, AudioRepair Toolkit requires the following:

  • Apple Macintosh Intel 2.6 GHz minimum or faster preferred
  • 17” or larger display
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or more preferred
  • OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or higher
  • Spare USB port for iLok Smart Key
  • Optional Series 300 DSP I/O Processor or other FireWire, USB or Thunderbolt Core Audio interface

Using USB Devices:

Direct connection of a USB audio converter should be usable with AudioRepair Toolkit. Unlike FireWire however, USB does not provide an isochronous or time–critical data delivery mode. So, USB–attached products for external audio I/O are not recommended for either hard drives or audio interfaces when used in any pro audio production environment. USB peripherals, other than Human User Interface products such as mice and keyboards, may inter- fere with the operation of our products.

Current USB Apple Super Drives (USB2 or USB3) should perform as expected.

NOTE: since Sonic Studio is unable to test every USB converter, we cannot guarantee that all USB audio converters will function at all sample rates and configurations. Connection of audio converters via USB hubs, use of USB hard disc drives and USB v1 optical disc peripherals is not recommended or supported.


Apple’s Thunderbolt input/output technology lets you connect high-performance peripherals and displays to a single port with fast data transfer rates. Sonic Studio expects no issues to arise with the connection of existing FireWire devices or drives using a Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adaptor or hub, nor with the use of future generation direct-attached drives, I/O devices and optical drives.

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