November 12, 2019: MacOS Catalina Update for Amarra Products

Apple has formally released MacOS Catalina and we'd like to take a moment to provide an update on the status of our Amarra products, Amarra Luxe and Amarra sQ+.

  • Amarra Luxe - Amarra Luxe works with MacOS Catalina and should not prevent you from upgrading to the current OS. There are 2 primary issues we are aware of:
    • Running the installer the first time on Catalina may generate an error message that the installer .pkg file can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This is a known issue that will be fixed shortly. In the meantime, please visit our FAQ Article for instructions on successfully running the installer.
    • iTunes Mode does not work due to the change to Apple Music. You can still Export your iTunes Library to create a 'Library.xml' file which can be scanned into Amarra using the SCAN iTUNES feature.
  • Amarra sQ+ is working as expected on MacOS Catalina.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

July 23, 2019: Amarra Luxe Scores BIG on List of Best Windows Music Players for Hi-Res Audio

Sonic Studio is proud to announce that Amarra Luxe was just ranked #2 on the list of the 7 best Windows Music Players for Hi-Res Audio from

Amarra Luxe, now available for just $59, provides the perfect solution for local playback, streaming from TIDAL and Qobuz, and when used with Amarra Play provides a perfect solution for listening on the move. Amarra Play is also on sale, visit the iOS App store to take advantage of the $6.99 price.

The article notes, 'If you want to control all your music with one app, no matter where that music is, this may be what you’re looking for.' We couldn't agree more. See the full review here.

July 7, 2019: Amarra Play 1.8.1 available on iOS App Store

Sonic Studio is pleased to announce the latest upgrade of Amarra Play, our iOS High Resolution Music Player!

With the free download of Amarra Play 1.8.1 you get features like:

  • Improved sound for your mobile iTunes and downloaded files, including FLAC files
  • More music available by streaming your Amarra Luxe library, including TIDAL and Qobuz, to your mobile device
  • 6 EQ Presets so you can pick what sounds best to you!

The In-app purchase brings additional control with features like:

  • MQA decoding of offline files on your mobile device
  • MMQA first decode to 96 kHz
  • Professional 4-Band Equalizer with customizable presets, 13 filter types and full control of Freq, Boost, Order and Q.

Learn more here: Amarra Play iOS.

Available for free on iOS App Store:     

March 19, 2019: Sonic Supports TIDAL Masters on iOS


The long awaited release of TIDAL Masters with MQA support on iOS devices is finally here. A new and exciting way to listen to high-resolution audio, Sonic Studio is very pleased to have worked with TIDAL on bringing the MQA experience to the iOS platform. This is another way that Sonic Studio is helping get music you want to listen to, when and where you want it.

For more information: TIDAL Master on iOS

#MQA #TIDAL #AmarraPlay

December 21, 2018: Amarra Luxe 4.3 release brings Qobuz high resolution streaming and many improvements


Amarra Luxe now includes Qobuz's music streaming service as part of our 4.3 release.

  • High resolution streaming
  • An impressive catalog of CD quality and Hi-Res audio for streaming and downloads.
  • Purchase and play offline.


Coming soon is and its' large collection of live music concerts, many in MQA.

  • High resolution MQA streaming
  • iOS and Android apps for mobile offline playback with MQA Decoding
  • Listen to bands like Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, Metallica, and much much more.

Learn more about Amarra Luxe 4.3 here: Learn more...

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience Qobuz through Amarra Luxe. 

Summer Sale - Act now and get Amarra Luxe for just $59!

Oct 5, 2018: Amarra Luxe expands streaming options with Qobuz and MQA.Live

Sonic Studio embraces the exciting world of high resolution streaming with upcoming support for MQA Live and Qobuz. With the upcoming 4.3 release of Amarra Luxe, its award winning computer music player for Apple Macintosh and Windows platforms, additional avenues for streaming high-resolution audio are now available. Release is scheduled for Q4 2018.

  • High resolution streaming
  • An impressive catalog of CD quality and Hi-Res audio for streaming and downloads.
  • Purchase and play offline.
MQA Live:
  • Supports high resolution MQA streaming for Live music.

Read full press release here: Amarra Luxe at RMAF.

Sept 21, 2018: Amarra Play for iOS brings EQ and MQA decoding as in-app purchase

Sonic Studio is pleased to announce the latest upgrade of Amarra Play, our iOS High Resolution Music Player!

With the free download of Amarra Play 1.6, you’ll have to the tools to get the music you want to listen to right at your fingertips. Choose from 6 EQ presets and pick what sounds best to you! And when you want to relax at home, use Amarra Play as a remote for Amarra Luxe and Amarra sQ+ to sit back and enjoy your music.

Power features include:
  • FLAC decoding with support up to 96 kHz
  • Access local iOS Apple Music tracks
  • Use iTunes to download music from your computer including FLAC files
  • Advertisement Free
In-App Purchase brings advanced features:
  • MQA decoding up to 96 kHz
  • Noise Reduction, Full Dither Control, and more (coming soon)
  • Professional 4-Band Equalizer
    • Customize the EQ settings to your tastes
    • Parametric, Lo/Hi Pass, Lo/Hi Shelving
    • Adjustable width (Q factor)

Learn more here: Amarra Play iOS.

Available for free on iOS App Store:     

August 31, 2018: Updated Amarra Luxe 4.2 (455) Release provides across the board improvements

You may be listening to your music, but are you really hearing your it?
Take a listen and you will agree with what our users have to say about Amarra:

    • "… it’s the best playback quality of any software I’ve used, and I’ve tried a lot of them." - C.B.
    • "I have Audirvana and Roon, Amarra IMHO surpasses both. L.E.
    • "Amarra Luxe... It really is in a league of its own. Amarra Luxe proves that you really can have a super-detailed natural sound. H.B.

Amarra Luxe 4.2 Build 455 provides numerous fixes and feature enhancements including imrproved support for latest Amarra Play iOS music player, performance and bug fixes.
Current Amarra 4 and Amarra 4 Luxe users should download the free update of Amarra Luxe Now!
If you own an older copy of Amarra 3, Amarra Symphony, Amarra for TIDAL or Amarra Hifi now is the time to update to Amarra Luxe!

August 21, 2018: New Amarra sQ+ 2.5 offers full 64 Bit compatibility

You may be listening to your music, but are you really hearing it? Hear what our users have to say about Amarra sQ+ and how it has revolutionized how they listen to their favorite music.

    • "The improvement in sound quality is easily discernible. Great software!!" - D.R.
    • "Love Amarra sQ+, Now, I don't listen to my TIDAL streaming music without SQ+" - P.L.
    • "Amarra sQ+ is brilliant. The more I use it, the more I appreciate the software. It's changed how I listen to music in my home much for the better. P.S.

Amarra 2.5 provides full 64 Bit compatibility (for upcoming OS X release), feature enhancements include support for latest Amarra Play iOS Remote, performance and bug fixes.
Get your copy of Amarra sQ++ just $49!
Upgrade from Amarra sQ+ 2.3 for $9.99 and from Amarra sQ for $39.99.

May 11, 2018: Amarra Play iOS supports MQA Live at Munich HIGH END


MQA Live is a new way for fans to connect to artists, wherever and whenever they perform. At this year's Munich HIGH END, MQA Live was demonstrated with Amarra Play iOS providing the mobile MQA streaming support and was used by AudioQuest and other MQA Partners.

For more information please visit: MQA Live
#MQALive #Amarra #AmarraPlay

May 1 2018: Amarra Play iOS Hi-Res Music Player releasd

Amarra Play is the first iOS Music Player with MQA support.

Learn more here: Amarra Play iOS.

  • iTunes Integration: Play your mobile iTunes using Amarra playback
  • Download your favorite music for offline enjoyment
  • Supports FLAC, AIFF, WAV, and more
  • Stream to your iOS device
  • MQA Decoding to 96 kHz, Passthrough for MQA devices
  • Extensive improvements for Amarra Remote control

April 25, 2018: Let Amarra sQ+ improve your streaming!



If you use Spotify, Apple Music, Beats Music, watch netflix or use Skype for voice calls or any other audio than Amarra sQ+ will make them sound better.

Purchase now and receive a 20% discount: Purchase Amarra sQ+ Now!
Upgrade now and receive a 20% discount: Upgrade from Amarra sQ to Amarra sQ+

March 19, 2018: Amarra Play iOS and MQA Live streaming at SWSX


Imagine listening to artists you love playing LIVE – in your home, in your car, on the go – with the sound direct from the venue.

MQA Live is a new way for fans to connect to artists, wherever and whenever they perform. At this year's SWSX held in Austin TX, MQA Live was demonstrated with Amarra Play iOS providing the mobile MQA streaming support.

For more information please visit: MQA Live
#MQALive #Amarra #AmarraPlay

March 10, 2018: Amarra Luxe 4.2 receives praise


Initial response for Amarra Luxe 4.2 highlights sound quality, performance and new features.
Users appreciate iTunes integration, allowing use of iTunes with the sound of Amarra Luxe 4.2.

Thank you to our users for lettings us know...

  • "Thanks for the new A4 with iTunes integration, Nice improvement in sound quality from A3" - D.W.
  • "...the sound. OMG. Never, ever have I heard standard PCM and MQA presented with such definition, delicacy and authority.
          Imaging beyond anything in my previous experience. Music!"
    - D.F.
  • "After a very conclusive test, I bought Amarra... excellent musical performance compared to Audirvana." - D.S.
  • "Now it's over Audirvana. Excellent repair, many thanks!" - A.V.
Learn more here: Amarra Luxe 4.2

Feburary 26, 2018: Amarra Luxe 4.2 Released


Whether from the comfort of your home or on the go, you can now listen to the great sound of Amarra anytime or anywhere. Enjoy playback from your computer with Amarra 4 Luxe and our new Amarra Play iOS application. Listen to TIDAL, iTunes and stream music to your mobile device or download it for offline listening. However you choose to use Amarra Play and Amarra Luxe 4.2, you can now listen to music on your own time without sacrificing quality.

Amarra Luxe 4.2 has exciting new features and improvements with an even better sound.

  • iTunes Integration: Use iTunes and hear your music like never before
  • Stream or download music to your iOS mobile device
  • Includes Amarra Play iOS Hi-Res Music Player with MQA Decoding
  • Extensive performance improvements and bug fixes

Learn more here: Amarra Luxe 4.2.

January 1, 2018: MacOS High Sierra Support Update

Sonic Studio is officially announcing support for Amarra 4, Amarra 4 Luxe and Amarra sQ+ on MacOS High Sierra (10.13.2) Issues found relating to High Sierra have been addressed or noted in our Knowledge Base. We recommend all users check with their output device hardware manufacturer for compatibility with current Operating Systems.

November 14, 2017: MQA for Amarra 4 Luxe Owners Now Available

Attention Amarra 4 Luxe Owners:

Amarra 4.1 is now available and with it comes support for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) playback. MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording in a fully authenticated file that is small enough to stream or download. Amarra 4 Luxe software can provide the first level of unfolding, allowing you to play back MQA music on virtually any device and still hear the benefits of using MQA. Read full Press Release HERE.

Use the appropriate button below to download your free update now.

October 5, 2017: Amarra Luxe 4.1 with MQA Support will Debut at RMAF October 6-8 in Denver

RMAF 2017Sonic Studio’s upcoming Amarra Luxe 4.1 media player will go live during the RMAF show in Denver on Oct 6-8th 2017. Amarra 4 Luxe supports integrated TIDAL streaming for HiFi subscribers with all the benefits of the MQA experience for local and streaming playback on macOS.

To experience the sound please visit the HeadFi-Room, and the following partners who will be showing Amarra Luxe:

  • Studio Electric, Room 9013
  • Swan Song Audio, CANJAM A11
  • Mr. Speakers, CANJAM 44-45

September 25, 2017: Sonic Studio recommends waiting to update to macOS High Sierra

macOS SierraAs Amarra products are still in compatibility testing with macOS High Sierra, Sonic Studio recommends that users wait to update their Mac Operating System until compatibility has been fully tested and confirmed. At this time no issues have been found.

Jun 29, 2017: Sonic Studio Announces Release of Amarra 4 Luxe!

Amarra 4 Luxe

It is with great excitement that Sonic Studio announces the release of Amarra 4 Luxe! Get the best-sounding high resolution music player with a clean and easy user experience and all the bells and whistles...

Enjoy the best of all worlds in one package
  • Integrated TIDAL support (MQA Masters coming soon)
  • Scan your local music collection including DSD, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3, and more
  • Import your iTunes music and playlists
Easily Navigate the clean and intuitive User Interface
  • Your local and TIDAL music in one place
  • View your library by Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlists, or Now Playing Queue
  • Utilize the powerful search function and embedded links to keep every track at your fingertips
  • Browse your library and quickly navigate back to your current track with the new Now Playlist List
  • Select the best sound for your system with our powerful Sonic Mastering EQ
Experience the best DSP processing
  • Mastering Equalization with a personal touch
  • Upsampling, DSD/DoP 1X/2X (and MQA coming soon)
  • Included Amarra iOS Remote lets you surf, select and operate remotely
  • Optional iRC Room Correction for the best sound possible
Use the links below and get your copy of Amarra 4 Luxe now!

There’s so much Amarra 4 Luxe has to offer, learn more about Amarra 4 Luxe here...

Did you recently make an Amarra purchase and receive a link to purchase Amarra 4 Luxe at a discount? Now is the time to click that link and start enjoying Amarra 4 Luxe!

Take advantage of our free 2-week trial and see for yourself why you need to have Amarra 4 Luxe in your Audio toolkit. Sign up for a free trial below.

May 22, 2017: Amarra 4 Luxe Showing at the LA Audio Show June 2 - 4

LA Audio Show

Sonic Studio will be introducing Amarra 4 Luxe at the Los Angeles Audio Show June 2 - 4, 2017 at the Sheraton Gateway. We’re honored to have many manufacturers selecting Amarra for playback to show off their own products and so excited to provide a consistent playback platform the for Xtreme room!

You will see Amarra 4 Luxe all over the show, including in the following rooms:

  • ampsandsound - Suite 563
  • MrSpeakers - Suite 135 & Xtreme room
  • Questyle Audio - Suite 112 & Xtreme room
  • ESS Speakers - Suite 542
  • Audeze - Suite 442 & Xtreme room
  • ModWright Instruments - Headgear 126 & Suite 412
  • Hifiman - Xtreme room
  • Sennheiser - Xtreme room

Read the full press release HERE...

May 1, 2017: Amarra 4 Luxe Update

Amarra 4 Luxe

Amarra 4 Luxe Update: We’ve been busy getting Amarra 4 Luxe ready for release, targeted for June 2017. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Amarra 4 Luxe will be on display at the upcoming Los Angeles Audio Show on June 2-4, 2017.

Stop by and see the many exhibitors that are choosing Amarra 4 as their player of choice and we are honored to have Amarra 4 Luxe featured in the Xtreme Headgear room at LAAS. Check back here for updated release and show information.

April 20, 2017: Sonic Studio offers 30% Discount on Amarra sQ+ until April 30, 2017

Amarra sQ+

Want to take control of your audio? Tired of being limited to what your computer provides? Wait no longer, whether you’re an audiophile, movie-buff, gamer or sports-nut, you have unique needs and the quality of your audio is a major part of the experience. Amarra sQ+ is the one tool available for your Mac that combines professional-grade EQ, noise reduction and processing with a flexible and simple to use interface, giving you the control you need to maximize your personal experience. Dial in your music, bring your movies to life, be in the game, experience events like you’re there, all with Amarra sQ+.

From now until April 30th, pay only $34.99 to get the most from your audio investments. This is a ‘must-have’ addition to any audio toolkit; buy it today!

April 9, 2017: Sonic Studio and Amarra 4 at CanJam Socal 2017

CanJam SoCal 2017

What a show this past weekend! Visitors to the SoCal CanJam this weekend were treated to experience some of the leading audio equipment in the world and we’re pleased that many exhibitors chose Amarra 4 to provide their source material playback for this epic event!

January 30, 2017: Sonic Studio releases the Highly Anticipated Amarra 4

Amarra 4

Sonic Studio proudly announces the release of Amarra 4! Amarra 4 is the first in a new series of products that brings Sonic Studio’s audio expertise into the next generation of media players.

The Amarra 4 experience is built on new technologies including:

  • Cross-platform, server-based architecture
  • Amarra Audio Processing Engine
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Web-based UX
  • Professional-grade EQ

Amarra 4 is fast, fun and easy to use and supports all common audio formats including DSD and FLAC. With integrated professional-grade tools and processing, Amarra 4 combines our legacy of outstanding sonic quality with a new and exciting User Experience.

Learn more about Amarra 4

October 20, 2016: Sonic Studio announces the upcoming release of Amarra 4

Amarra 4

We are excited to announce the Next Generation of Amarra products. We’ve listened to your feedback and Amarra 4 promises to offer great sound with a fantastic new user-interface, easier licensing, and the consolidation of features into fewer products. We are also excited to welcome Windows-based users, as Amarra 4 will be cross-platform, providing support for Windows 8 and 10. Our goal is to provide one integrated solution for all of your playback needs!

Read the full press release HERE

September 22, 2016: Amarra 4 for Mac & Windows Debuts at RMAF 2016 with ampsandsound Mogwai & Kenzie Amps

Amarra 4

Sonic Studio and ampsandsound will be teaming up at RMAF 2016, Oct 7-9 in Denver, to show off the newest products from both companies. Come see Amarra 4 from Sonic Studio and the Kenzie and Mogwai Amps from ampsandsound at the CanJam. Listen through state-of-the-art headphones or bring your own cans to compare to your current setup. Details for RMAF 2016 can be found at:

September 20, 2016: macOS Sierra Update

macOS Sierra

We are aware of an issue with Amarra sQ+ in some environments where an error is generated saying "Could not set SonicStream Device.' If you encounter this error, do the following:

  1. Quit Amarra sQ+
  2. Go to your Applications->Amarra sQ+ folder and double-click on 'Uninstall Amarra sQ+’
  3. Select 'Yes' when asked to delete the SonicStream Driver
  4. Go to your Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions folder and, if present, delete SonicStudioProcessor.kext
  5. Empty your Trash can
  6. Re-run the Amarra sQ+ installer from the following link:
  7. Reactivate your license and you should be ready to go

May 16, 2016: iTunes 12.4 Update causes issues with Amarra products


Unfortunately, Apple's latest update to iTunes (iTunes 12.4) has created issues with Amarra products. Please check our fresh knowledge base article on these issues here.

March 22, 2016: Amarra chosen (yet again) for Stereophile Recommended Component list for 2016


We are pleased to announce that once again Amarra products are part of Stereophile’s Recommended Components list for 2016. Continuing it’s leadership in improving the quality of audio source material, Amarra products now provide solutions for local file playback, streaming audio and room correction requirements to truly allow the user to dial in playback to their own personal tastes. Per Stereophile, “Longevity in a hi-fi component is rare enough that we think it worth noting.” Updated information about Amarra products can be found at

See Stereophile’s Recommended Components list.

March 19, 2016: Amarra, MQA Showcased at CanJam SoCal 2016


Amarra sounded fabulous at CanJam SoCal 2016! Thank you for stopping by to see us and for listening. We demonstrated MQA playback using Meridian Explorer 2 DAC and supported AmpsandSound--a coming together of the best in tubes and digital! We hope we'll be seeing you all again at T.H.E. Show Newport in June.

January 14, 2016: Sonic Studio Releases Amarra for TIDAL 2.0 with iOS Remote!


This highly anticipated release offers some exceptional advantages, including:
• Fresh UI and Improved Performance
• Support for upcoming MQA streaming
• iOS Remote for iPad and iPhone (iOS 8+)

Now, with the iOS Remote for iPhone and iPad, you can control playback, EQ, and volume - all from the comfort of your couch! Amarra for TIDAL 2.0 introduces the Amarra iOS Remote, which will revolutionize the way you enjoy your TIDAL stream. Access, search, and control playback of all TIDAL music on your Mac-based sound system. ...Learn more

Update: The Windows version of Amarra for TIDAL is in it’s final development and testing phase, we are targeting availability in the coming weeks. Check back at for updated information

RMAF2015October 2, 2015: Sonic Studio showcases Amarra for TIDAL iOS Remote and Windows version at RMAF

"...The Amarra for TIDAL Remote is an iOS application for iPhone and iPad allowing complete remote control of Amarra for TIDAL. The iOS Remote provides access to tracks, albums, artists, genres, now playing, and access to remote playlists with its clean and simple user interface. The integrated EQ window allows control of all settings including, boost, frequency, Q, EQ presets, volume control (meters), and output device control. The Amarra for TIDAL iOS remote is slated for release in November 2015."

Read the press release here...

August 29, 2015: Los Angeles Times on Amarra for TIDAL

STEREO"...TIDAL is clean and efficient and effective. I found that CDs, played with the same digital processing equipment, do still outshine TIDAL Hi-Fi, but the difference isn’t extreme. Moreover, a $39.95 app just released by digital audio site Sonic Studio all but bridges the gap."

Read the full article here...

August 20, 2015: STEREO Magazine: "You should allow yourself the luxury..."

STEREO"...the individual instruments can be distinguished better and have more radiance."

Read the review here (in German)...

August 19, 2015: Computer Audiophile: "...Highly recommended."

Computer Audiophile"For those of you contemplating taking the plunge into an all-you-can-eat arrangement for you music for the first time, Amarra + Tidal does not disappoint."

Read the review here...

August 18, 2015: FutureThink –– Amarra Today & Tomorrow

Amarra Remote EQ Amarra Remote Now Playing

Learn about where Amarra is today and where we are going in the future.

Read the 'The Future of Amarra" document here...

Images for the Amarra Remote are shown below. We expect delivery by early October.

August 1, 2015: Review: "...Amarra gets a solid 5 stars."

"Overall Amarra - a very good player that supports many formats and plays them perfectly."

"В целом Amarra — очень хороший плеер, поддерживающий много форматов и великолепно их проигрывающий. "

Read the story here...

July 16, 2015: MGR Audio Review: "A Quick Word on Amarra for Tidal"

MGR: Amarra for TIDAL Easton Page has some very kind words to say about our new app Amarra for TIDAL in this review! "This is not a subtle difference: it will blow you away. I’m addicted to listening to Amarra and TIDAL; it’s like I’m right inside the mastering studio listening through my HD800s or my UE Reference Monitors!"

Read the story here...

July 14, 2015: Digital Audio Review: "Amarra For Tidal: a better streaming sound for OS X, Windows"

DAR: Amarra for TIDALJohn Darko takes a look at our new application Amarra for TIDAL and finds that, "Amarra For Tidal sounds both more relaxed and more alive than the native Tidal app." in this review.

Read the story here...

July 12, 2015: Digital Audio Review: Sonic Studio Amarra SQ+ Review

DAR: Amarra sQ+Check out Digital Audio Review's review of Amarra sQ+. John Darko looks at switching up the sound quality of roon Labs, TIDAL HiFi, Qobuz, Spotify, and Apple Music with Amarra SQ+.

Read the story here...

July 7, 2015: Sonic Studio Releases Amarra for TIDAL

Amarra for TIDAL Sonic Studio is proud to announce the release of our newest streaming music player specifically designed for the High Fidelity TIDAL music service.

Amarra for TIDAL is the audiophile grade music player for your TIDAL listening.


Click HERE to read press release...

May 30-31 2015: Amarra at T.H.E. Show Newport 2015

Newport 2015We had a great time showing our newest Amarra for TIDAL streaming music player for Mac OS and Windows. 

Read the full press release here: View Press Release

May 14-17 2015: Amarra Celebrates Munich High End Show

AFT at MunichWe will be in Munich, Germany between Thursday and Sunday this week, make sure to visit one of the years best audiophile events: the High End Society Munich Show. We will be showing our newest Amarra for TIDAL streaming music player for Mac OS and Windows. 

Read the full press release here: View Press Release

April 1, 2015: Amarra sQ and sQ+ v2.1 Released

Amarra sQ 2.1  $29.99

The newest release of our Audio Stream Enhancer, Amarra sQ, adds exciting new features to further enhance your User Experience.  Now, get all the benefits of sQ 2.0 plus:

  • Easier to Use - Use keyboard keys to adjust volume; Save device preferences for future recall
  • Stay Current - Auto-check for updates to maintain optimized features
  • More Flexible - Resize window to fit your screen; Easy evaluation
  • Simple and Effective - EQ presets for popular headphones and genres

Learn More

Note to Current Amarra 2.0 Users:
Amarra sQ 2.1 is a free update for current Amarra sQ owners. Your current Amarra sQ 2.0 license will activate Amarra sQ 2.1 and the licensing process is automatic.

Download Amarra sQ 2.1: Not available - Visit support for information

Amarra sQ+  $49.99

You spoke up and we listened! Introducing Amarra sQ+ with all of the benefits of Amarra sQ PLUS:

  • Clarify any audio with Audio Conditioner!
    • Remove noise from any audio source
    • Reduce 'listening fatigue'; improve clarity and understanding
    • Optimize the sound of Skype, YouTube, gaming, sporting events, recorded/online lectures, old movies, and more...
    • Customized presets for music, video, and voice
  • Gain advanced EQ control with full professional EQ
    • Increase command over your sound with 13 filter types (Presence, Band Pass, Band Stop, Hi / Lo Shelf, Hi / Lo Pass, RIAA, and more...)
    • Professional quality 4-band, full-parametric EQ with multiple filter types giving you infinite control over tone/timbre of your music

Learn More

Download Amarra sQ+ 2.1: Amarra sQ+ v2.2.1 Installer

January 1, 2015: Awards 'Best Of 2014' To Amarra 3.0

Part-Time AudiophileScott Hull writes "There’s a lot of fuss and bother that’s been made over the sonic contributions of software-only audio players. I’m not going to rehash that here (or anywhere, actually). What I will offer is that Amarra, the early leader in this space, has come roaring back with a svelte and easy-to-use package that will flat-out embarrass many of their competitors."


October 10, 2014: Amarra in the Mountains - Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

RMAF 2014Going to be in the Denver area October 10-12?  Stop in at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF2014 in the Denver Tech Center to hear Amarra in action.  Many exhibitors will be using Amarra and our Impulse Response Correction (iRC) functionality to highlight the capabilities of their components on display.  Amarra provides an incredible signal out of your Mac and iRC provides a powerful yet cost-effective way of correcting issues in your listening environment.  The results will make your ears sing.

Please visit the following exhibitors to hear Amarra and see the great equipment on display.

Peachtree Audio - Pikes Peak Room
Woo Audio - Rocky Mountain Event Center room C40/Marriott Lobby Booth 9
Mr. Speakers - Rocky Mountain Event Center room C28
Skogrand Cables - Marriott rooms 442 and 9018
Dynaudio - Marriott room 1118/1122
EnKlein Systems - Marriott Room 1010

June 10, 2014: Digital Audio Review: Improving the sound quality of Qobuz, Spotify and Pandora

Check out Digital Audio Review's latest report on "Improving the sound quality of Qobuz, Spotify and Pandorastreaming audio". John Darko visits with James Anderson and gives a first look at our upcoming Amarra sQ.

Read the story here...


May 30 2014: Amarra 3.0 Previews at T.H.E Show Newport

THE Show Newport Beach 2014 Sonic Studio previewed our Amarra 3.0 release at T.H.E Show Newport.

Tyll Hertsens stopped by to check out the wonderful and great new features in the upcoming Amarra 3.0 release.

Click here to read Tylls' Show Report...

Click here to see T.H.E Show Report video...

Learn more about Amarra 3.0 and Amarra sQ click here...

HighEnd Munich 2014

May 15-18 2014: Amarra Celebrates Munich High End Show

If you’re lucky enough to be in Munich, Germany between Thursday and Sunday this week, make sure to visit one of the years best audiophile events: the High End Society Munich Show. 

Expired on 18 May.

More info about the show:

May 30 - June 1, 2014 - Sonic Studio and Peachtree Join Forces at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach

THE Show Newport Beach 2014Sonic Studio is pleased to announce that it will be showing its Amarra™ range of award-winning computer music players in conjunction with Peachtree Audio’s leading audiophile DACs and amps. The companies will feature their products together in Hilton Hotel Room 832 during T.H.E. Show Newport Beach May 30-June 1, 2014.

At T.H.E Show, Sonic Studio will be introducing significant new features and enhancements to Amarra™. Be sure to check back and learn more as this important and exciting show approaches.

Praise for Amarra

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