Impulse Response Correction

Created exclusively for MacExclusively for Mac OS X
* Requires Calibration Microphone

Every room has problems:

  • Parallel walls and irregular shapes cause reflections
  • Bricks, windows and other surfaces cause absorption and reflections
  • Furniture can cause acoustic absorption and reflections
  • Speaker placement can cause timing delays and phase issues

The results are a reduced soundstage, balance problems, and a build-up of bass frequencies.

iRC Impluse Response Correction, based on advanced technology by Dirac, brings these under control. The result is a more focused soundstage with improved phase coherence, bringing more realism and natural sound to your music.

The iRC Measure application uses a calibration microphone (not included) to analyze your room, build an acoustic model to detect defects, and automatically create filters.

Take control of your domain with iRC (Impulse Response Correction), a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to unsightly baffles, diffusers and other room treatments.

Now available in Amarra 4 Luxe and Amarra sQ+.

iRC for Streaming

Enjoy full features at a value price

  • Shows all measurements
  • Chair, sofa, and auditorium measurement
  • Sonic EQ
  • Noise-shaped dither
  • Fully integrated
  • Use your iRC license with Amarra 4 Luxe and Amarra sQ+
  • License valid for installation on 2 computers

Praise for iRC

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