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Sonic Studio Pro Customer Support

Please use the links below to find the latest releases, documentation and user guides.

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Please be sure to check our on line resources for an answer.

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Sonic Studio provides the following levels of support and training for our registered customers.

soundBlade Trial Versions

Fully-functional trial versions for all Sonic Studio products are available by registering for a demo via the link below.

  • A 14-day trial license is delivered to you immediately after registration
  • Requires an iLOK to run in Full Trial mode
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Sonic Studio Current Product Upgrade Process

Upgrades from one product to another is easy and the cost is only the difference in price. Use the link below to purchase a current product upgrade.

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Sonic Studio Upgrade Process from PMCD/soundBlade 1.x/soundBlade 2.0

Purchase an upgrade from PMCD, soundBlade 1.x or soundBlade 2.0 to soundBlade 2.2 by clicking the link below.

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If you have questions or need assistance please contact us at:

Current Software Installers & Documentation

for All Access, soundBlade, Sonic Studio Process, Sonic Studio Mastering EQ and Quartet DynPEQ.

Please find installers for Sonic Studio Process, Sonic Studio Mastering EQ and Quartet DynPEQ below.

Sonic Studio Process 1.2

Sonic Studio Mastering EQ 1.2 AU Plug-in

DynPEQ v1.3 Plugins

download Sonic Studio Process Installer download Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Installer

download Quartet DynPEQ 1.3 Installer

download Trio DynPEQ 1.3 Installer

download Sonic Studio Process User Manual download Sonic Studio Mastering EQ User Manual download DynPEQ User Manual

soundBlade Installer Archive

Please create a new ticket on our Pro Support Portal to request links to previous versions of soundBlade HD, SE and LE and other associated software.

Note: legacy software releases are unsupported.

Sonic Console & Patches

Sonic Console V 5.6 Info

Sonic Console is only for use with Sonic Studio Series 300 FireWire interfaces. Sonic Console will not function with Metric Halo hardware.

Version 5.6 brings increased stability, improved Mavericks 10.9 support, and more.

Sonic Studio QuickSupport Application

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Sonic Studio Instructional Videos

These video tutorials provide important instructions and tips for using our soundBlade workstations and options.
Some videos mention PreMaster CD but the concepts in those apply to any soundBlade product.


Legendary Audio I.C.E. For Distortion
How to use I.C,E. to remove distortion


Legendary Audio I.C.E. For Vocals
How to use I.C,E. on Vocals


Legendary Audio I.C.E. Overview
This video overview describes the concepts and use of the Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plug-In.

AudioRepair Toolkit (ART) Overview
Learn how ART can restore your audio files.

NoNOISE 3 Plug-In
This tutorial provides an overview on operating the new NoNOISE 3 Plug-in.

Sonic Studio Mastering EQ
This video provides an overview of our Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Plug-in.

Sonic Studio Process Batch Processing App
Learn how to use Sonic Studio Process, our standalone app for outstanding quality sample rate conversion and more.

Quick CD Tutorial
This video tutorial will demonstrate just how easy it is to create a professional quality, Red Book formatted CDR and DDP in three easy steps using Sonic Studio's soundBlade LE, soundBlade SE or soundBlade HD application.

Basic Navigation
In this video tutorial we will discuss how to navigate within a
soundBlade Project Window.
Creating a securePlayer in soundBlade securePlayer
This Video tutorial walks you through making a securePlayer app in Sonic Studio's soundBlade LE, soundBlade SE or soundBlade HD digital audio workstation.
Advanced Editing Techniques
In this video tutorial, we will discuss some of the advanced editing techniques available in Sonic Studio's soundBlade LE, soundBlade SE and soundBlade HD digital audio workstation

Using Plug-ins as Desk Events in soundBlade
This tutorial explains the unique soundBlade method of using Desk Events
for your audio plug-ins.
Applies to soundBlade SE and soundBlade HD.

Need to remove clicks, ticks, crackle or distortion from a file in ProTools, Logic or another audio application? Open that file in soundBlade at the same time, fix it, and those changes automagically updated in your other app. This video shows you how it's done.

All concepts apply to soundBlade LE, soundBlade SE and soundBlade HD.

Installing & Configuring Your soundBlade System
This Video Tutorial discusses how to install and configure Sonic Studio's PreMaster CD™ digital audio workstation.

Note that PreMaster CD has been updated to soundBlade LE. This video mentions PreMaster CD but all concepts apply to soundBlade LE, soundBlade SE and soundBlade HD.

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