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soundBlade LE
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  • Import, edit and assemble stereo music with increased soundstage and presence
  • Supports sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Imports AIFF, WAV, BWF and most compressed file formats such as MP3 or FLAC
  • Use for electronic music delivery: export AIFF, WAV or Broadcast Wave files
  • Global 4 band Sonic EQ
  • Sonic Mastering Dithers
  • Real-time segment volume with -144db to +24 db range of control
  • DDP File Open and edit
  • Burn CDs and DDP 2.0 with CDTEXT support
  • Support for most FireWire and many USB hardware interfaces
  • Includes securePlayer encrypted master client reference player

$295 Available Now
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Replaces PreMaster CD

soundBlade SE
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    All the features of soundBlade LE PLUS:

    • Sonic's famous Source-to-destination editing model
    • Super-fast editing with auto-tool selection
    • Record 2/4 tracks up to 192 kHz
    • Timeline-based (Desk Events) and mix desk AU/VST plug-in support
    • Extremely detailed fade editing (Edit Fade Mode)
    • includes Sonic Studio Process Sample Rate Conversion app.


$695 Available Now

soundBlade HD
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    All of the power of soundBlade SE AND:

    • 8/16-track recording editing and delivery
    • 386 kHz support
    • Precision Quicktime interlock
    • Support for multiple projects
    • Flexible syncing capabilities
    • Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Audio Uint Plug-in



$1.495 Available Now
Subscriptions start@ $119.97