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Sonic Studio Educational Purchase Page

Thanks for your interest in Educational Discount pricing available from Sonic Studio!  We are pleased to support Educational institutions and those associated with all levels of the educational system.  We have a wide range of special offers at sensational pricing available on both our soundBlade Mastering Software and our Amarra Computer Music Players, both for the Macintosh computer.  All you need to do is fill out the simple form below and be sure to note the product line of interest below.

 You will hear back from us shortly.


1. Send us your educational affiliation information (student, employee, educator) by filling in the form below. We will contact you to configure your system and provide you with a discount amount.
2. Please send us a scan of your educational identification to
3. Upon verification of academic affiliation status we will send you a coupon for a sweet discount on your purchase from the Sonic Studio webstore.

Product discounts vary.
Not valid on all products.
Valid on direct sales only.

Please check that your e-mail address is correct. The address you provide will be sent a message containing discount information. Note that all fields are required.

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