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Upgrade to soundBlade v2.2

Sonic Studio is pleased to announce the release of soundBlade version 2.2 mastering software. This version includes new export functions that make delivery of final files easier than ever wells as a large number of stability enhancements. Version 2.2 represents a significant investment in engineering effort and innovation to make this version the most user efficient and best sounding soundBlade ever.

What's New In soundBlade v2.2:

• Sample Rate Conversion on Export: Export multiple files simultaneously

Export soundfile
New Export Sound File Features.
Note the sample rate conversion options.

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• Export & recording support for Core Audio Format (CAF) files

• New securePlayer 2.7

• Improved Mark Info Window & MUCH MORE!

Upgrade from HD 2.0 to soundBlade HD 2.2: $150


Upgrade from SE 2.0 to soundBlade SE 2.2: $99


Upgrade from LE 2.0 to soundBlade LE 2.2: $99