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NoNOISE 3 Audio Units and VST Plug-in


What is NoNOISE 3?

NoNOISE 3 is based on the Academy Award winning and legendary noise removal system that pioneered the digital audio restoration industry. Used by professional engineers on millions of albums from Classical to Rock, archival and historical recordings, and by forensic scientists at worldwide law enforcement and clandestine surveillance agencies, NoNOISE 3 is now available for the first time as an Audio Units and VST plug-in.

Renowned for its ability to eliminate unwanted noise while leaving the underlying audio intact, NoNOISE 3 is a 32/64-bit single-ended, broadband de-noiser that is very easy to use, flexible and highly effective with very few or no noticeable artifacts even at extreme user settings.

NoNOISE 3 is perfect for eliminating room ambience from poorly mic’d recordings, cleaning up hissy tapes, quieting noisy guitar amps, and removing the hum and rumble from pre-amps and other electronics.

NoNOISE 3 works in any Intel Mac-based digital audio workstation software that supports either Audio Units or VST plug-in architecture.

NoNOISE 3 Before

NoNOISE 3 After


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NoNoise 3

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