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Sonic Studio User Profile of the Month
Gavin Lurssen says:

Sonic Studio's soundBlade and 302 audio interface sound great. Everything that goes through sounds 100 percent right every time”

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Katrina Degel, KVoice Studio

"The Edit Fade Window in sB is fantastic and I find myself wishing I could do all my composing and recording in sB!"

Owner Producer - KVoice Studio, New York City
Mandy Parnell

Mandy Parnell, Black Saloon

Mandy runs Black Saloon Studios in London, England, where her 23 years of experience have allowed her to discover and develop philosophies in analogue and digital audio, while working with an amazing array of artists.

Piper Panye

Piper Panye, Coast Mastering

“...Mastering is ultimate QC/detail-oriented job and it blends my never-ending search for audio perfection with my passion for hearing the project as a whole album”

Current Position: Michael Rowmanowski Mastering


Dave Glasser, Airshow Mastering

“soundBlade and Quartet - a totally unique combination of the highest quality sound with excellent EQ and dynamics. I'm not a big plug-in user, but this is the plug-in to use with soundBlade.


Allen Tucker

Allan Tucker, Foothill Digital

“Sonic has been at my side since 1988...Amazing! It is impossible to overstate how much the clarity and ultra-high resolution sound of Sonic Studio products have meant to our business.”

Allan Tucker’s clients have included John Coltrane, WIllie Nelson, James Brown, Al Kooper, Lou Reed,...


Michael Romanowski, Coast Mastering

“I rely on Sonic Studio’s soundBlade for capture, editing and master creation— the sound is good and honest. I also use Sonic Studio’s NoNoise II for the most demanding restoration and repair work.”

Michael Romanowski’s clients include Pete Ham, Paul Jackson, Norton Buffalo, the Radiators, and Runaways UK.


Jerry Tubb, Terra Nova Mastering

“At Terra Nova we switched to Sonic Studio and use
soundBlade for solid DDP and CD-R
delivery. Manual DeClick is totally amazing !
And Sonic simply sounds great! !”

Credits Include Willie Nelson, Eric Johnson,
Jerry Jeff Walker, Norah Jones, and Bob Schneider.

George Massenburg

George Massenburg, Engineer / Designer

“(I)... love soundBlade. Right now, I'm using it for every mastering job that I do!!”

Tom Swift

Tom Swift, Swift Kick Productions

“Sonic Studio creates bulletproof DDP file sets which eliminates problems in the manufacturing process and saving me hundreds of dollars!”


Thor Legvold, Sonovo Mastering

““At Sonovo Mastering our workflow is based around
the Sonic Studio Model 305 and soundBlade .
Together with the NoNoise II suite we can tackle
anything clients bring in.”

David Gans

David Gans, Truth and Fun

“Sonic Studio soundBlade is my go to tool for producing my weekly Grateful Dead Radio Hour program. I have trusted the sound quality for many years. ... I'm enjoying the hell out of 2.0!”

Eric Conn

Eric Conn, Independent Mastering

“It's fast. Faster than Boston Wicked Fast. It's so fast I got whiplash in the Aeron chair!”