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April 23, 2013 - Ex'pression College Joins Sonic Studio's Educational Outreach

Sonic Studio, LLC and Ex’pression College announced today that the highly regarded Emeryville, California based College has joined Sonic Studio's educational outreach program by adopting Sonic Studio soundBlade Mastering, a preconfigured bundle of world-class audio mastering tools, including Sonic Studio’s legendary NoNOISE™ II restoration software, as a core component for Ex’pression College’s Sound Arts and audio specific curriculum.  As a result, students seeking a Bachelor’s degree from the Sound Arts or Interactive Audio programs will be using fully enabled soundBlade Mastering systems during their studies.
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April 15, 2013 - Ohio University Chooses soundBlade for Classroom

Sonic Studio and the School of Media Arts & Studies within the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University announced today that the prominent public research university located in Athens, Ohio has joined with Berklee College of Music, New York University and the SET-School in Germany in adopting Sonic Studio soundBlade Mastering, a preconfigured bundle of world-class audio mastering tools, including Sonic Studio’s legendary NoNOISE™ II restoration software, as a core component for the Ohio University School of Media Arts & Studies Music Production and Recording Industry Program. As a result, students seeking an undergraduate degree from the School of Media Arts & Studies will be using fully enabled soundBlade Mastering systems as a core component of their production, delivery and industry studies.
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April 8, 2013 - Sonic Studio Releases soundBlade 2.1

Sonic Studio announces the release of soundBlade software version 2.1. This new version represents a massive upgrade in form and functionality and is a free for all owners soundBlade LE, soundBlade SE and soundBlade HD version 2.0.

Sonic Studio also announces its new background processing application, Sonic Studio Process. Sonic Studio Process brings two high quality Sample Rate Conversion algorithms along with user settable filter and dither specifications. Learn More Here

What’s New in soundBlade 2.1?
  • New Sonic Studio Process application, replaces Background Manger
  • Support for new Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Audio Unit plug-in with license
  • New sample rate support up to 384 kHz
  • New NoNOISE II feature: DeClick/DeCrackle in-place using the Edit Point only (no need for selection)
  • Overall sound quality improvements
  • Overall improvements in Desk Events and plug-in support
  • soundBlade 2.1 now defaults to line input instead of M1-M8
  • User interface improvements
  • WAV/BWF file compatibility enhancements
  • Support For High-Resolution DDP Images for use with securePlayer
  • securePlayer now supports sample rates up to 384 kHz
  • New simplified options installer
  • Many stability enhancements and bug fixes

Download soundBlade 2.1 from our support page Download Here.

April 10-13, 2013 - Sonic Studio @ Musikmesse, Frankfurt

Sonic Studio will be represent by our esteemed representative Adebar Acoutics. Christian Zimmerli, of ZimmerSounds, will be demostranting the new Sonic Studio Mastering EQ and Sonic Studio Process, along with the latest soundBlade 2.1 release.

Musikmesse 2013

March 27, 2013 - Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Plug-in Released

Sonic Studio announces the release of Sonic Studio Mastering EQ, a brand new classic plug-in for professional mastering engineers, music producers, dialog editors, and musicians who use Audio Units compatible digital audio workstations. The new Sonic Studio Mastering EQ plug-in leverages Sonic Studio’s highly acclaimed legacy of digital audio experience in delivering hyper-optimized processing technology for professional mastering since 1985. The result is a new 4-band EQ plug-in that integrates the best of Sonic Studio’s prized sound equalization filter-set and mastering dither algorithms with precision level meters and gain control, and includes a real-time active filter curve presentation within a super-easy user interface.

Sonic Studio Mastering EQ plug-in includes 14 filter types including 1st-4th order parametric and shelving filters, notching, RIAA, DC block, emphasis and other filters. The plug-in also features Sonic’s highly regarded dither implementation features two essential implementations for perfect smooth transition out of the filter curve.

The Sonic Studio Mastering EQ plug-in is completely transparent in use on recorded material and provides overall clarification of sound rather than coloration. Since Sonic Studio first introduced its EQ in 1992 it has become a ‘go-to’ filter set that enables mixes, tracks and dialog to sound their very best. Now, the Sonic Studio Mastering EQ plug-in makes this legendary technology accessible across multiple platforms including soundBlade SE, soundBlade Mastering and soundBlade HD as well as any Mac-based Audio Units compatible digital audio workstation.

Sonic Studio Mastering EQ is an essential tool for any digital audio engineer and currently retails for $495.00.

Learn more and download a trial of the Sonic Studio Mastering EQ by clicking here.

March 1, 2013 - SET-School Adopts soundBlade For The Classroom

SET-School of Entertainment and Technology has chosen soundBlade Mastering sysetms as their primary teaching platform for students seeking certification as recording, editing and mastering engineers. With nine campuses across Europe and Russia, SET-School offers in-class and distance learning opportunities in a broad range of disciplines associated with the entertainment indusrty.

Read the Press Announcement Here.

March 1, 2013 - Sonic Studio Celebrates Women In Mastering

In keeping with International Women's History Month each March, we decided to highlight the contributions of our list of women soundBlade Power Users. Each week we'll feature a distinguished women soundBlade engineer and end the month with a special update regarding the Women's Audio Mission in San Francisco, CA. You'll see Mandy Parnell of Black Saloon Studios in London, England, Piper Payne of Michael Romanowshi Mastering in San Francisco, CA and Katrina Degel of K Voice Studio in New York City, and read their stories on the path to careers in Mastering.

September 3, 2012 - Sonic Releases soundBlade 2.0.2

soundBlade 2.0 users will be delighted with Sonic’s new 2.0.2 software update for their mastering systems.  This version includes numerous feature enhancements including integration support for Apple's suite of tools in conjunction with its "Mastered for iTunes initiative", stability improvements and bug fixes. Many of the updates in this software release have been suggested or have been a requested user workflow adjustment to make soundBlade not only the most transparent sounding, but also the most productive mastering system available today.

soundBlade 2.0.2 is a free update for all owners of soundBlade 2.0, and users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible; click here to download.

Note: Owners of prior versions of our mastering systems including PMCD are strongly encouraged to contact to learn about our “seriously accessible” soundBlade Xover upgrade offer.

Read the soundBlade 2.0.2 Newsletter here.

OCTOBER 27-29, 2012 - Sonic Studio @ AES 133 San Francisco

Sonic Studio personnel will be in booth 1042 at the Moscone Convention Center for the 133rd Audio Engineering Society convention.

We are pleased to offer Sonic Studio VIP "Exhibits Only" passes for our loyal users and friends. GET YOUR FREE AES 133 PASS HERE.

AES 133

MARCH 21, 2012 - Sonic Studio @ Musikmesse in Frankfurt March 21-24

Musikmesse 2012Sonic Studio will offer hands-on demonstration of our software products by renowned mastering engineer Christian Zimmerli. soundBlade LE, SE and HD, Amarra players as well as securePlayer will be featured in the Adebar Acoustics booth hosted by Roland Storch.

• Special offers for new soundBlade purchases
• Special offer on Amarra for current users

Adebar Acoustics
Location 5.1 A87

January 24, 2012 - soundBlade 2.0... Smells So Nice?!

60s’ iconic band The Doors will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of “L.A.Woman” with an newly re-mastered collection including an, until recently, undiscovered track called, “She Smells So Nice”. Re-mastered, edited and compiled by soundBlade power-user, Bruce Botnick (one of the very first Sonic users ever), the disc will be in general release as of January 24, 2012. Bruce has had long association with the band as producer / engineer and certainly as ‘family’ he told Sonic Studio. He recalled that one day he just happened to discover a number of unmarked 1” 8-track reels in his tape vault. Upon review of the tapes, he realized that what he had were the out takes and alternate versions of some of the bands best known songs as well as the unreleased new track – wow!

L.A.Woman was one of the first commercially released CDs to rely on the magic of NoNOISE and especially Manual DeClicking. For the 40th anniversary version, Bruce told us how much he relied on NoNOISE II and the ultra-fidelity of soundBlade 2.0 to deliver this undeniable piece of rock and roll history – we’re excited!

Congratulations, Bruce!

December 1, 2011 - Amarra Hifi For Sonic



Take notice all Sonic Studio Hardware owners!

What is Amarra Hifi For Sonic?

Amarra Hifi is the audiophile quality music player that works with iTunes. Hifi uses the same audio engine as soundBlade and will bring the same sound to your itunes library as does soundBlade.

Registered owners of Sonic Studio Hardware can get a special copy of Amarra Hifi designed to run on your Sonic Studio Audio Interface (302/303/304/305).

Get your complimentary copy of Amarra Hifi For Sonic > Click Here

Did you know Amarra is the winner of the prestigious Stereophile 2011 Computer Audio Component Of The Year !!!

Learn more about Amarra > Click Here

November 30, 2011 - Sonic Studio Releases soundBlade 2.0

Sonic Studio has released an important upgrade applications PreMaster CD and soundBlade. The soundBlade 2.0 family of products provides three versions of soundBlade and has hundred's of improvements and features from previous releases.

Learn more about this groundbreaking release > soundBlade

Read the press release > Press Release

October 12, 2011 - Sonic plays important role in Europe 72 CD Release

Sonic Studio's technology was used on the original CD masters of this iconic work, and now 40 years later Sonic Studio's tools are being used again for the upcoming release of the complete Europe 72 tour, a total of 22 venues, over 400 songs, as a 70+ CD release. Sonic Studio tools including soundBlade, secureDDP, and Amarra are all being employed to maintain the highest quality standards required for an iconic tour as Europe 72.

Dave Glasser is adding the final mastering polish and works with Jeffrey Norman of Mockingbird Mastering. Jeffrey Norman and Airshow Mastering's Dave Glasser all value the fidelity and editorial power of soundBlade. Jeffrey Norman says, "I wouldn't consider editing in any other platform but soundBlade. It sounds great and, as far I'm concerned, is completely intuitive."

The music starts with Jeffrey Norman who is mixing the entire tour at Prairie Sun studios in Sonoma County, California. Jeffrey mixes through a custom 8026 Neve console through a Pacific Microsonics Model Two. The stereo stem is transferred into soundBlade for editing and cleanup. The finished takes are then encrypted using Sonic Studio's secureDDP and safely sent by Airshow Mastering in Boulder to Jeffrey and David Lemieux, Grateful Dead Archivist, for reference and further mastering.

David Glasser uses his soundBlade and Sonic Studio 303 Audio Interface to edit the shows, and receives a soundBlade Project each week. "We're loving it". David also adds "the ability to safely send masters using secureDDP is essential for this workflow." Using high performance encryption ensures that the masters are safe and the built-in audio player provides a complete integrated solution.

November 22, 2011 - Media Integration showcases soundBlade at important show

Our Master Distributor shocased soundBlade at this weeks show in Tokyo Japan.

Learn more about Media Integration > Here

March, 2011 - Sonic Studio Gathers Grammys

Props for the home team…Go guys!

Gavin Lurssen
Lurssen Mastering

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
Willie Nelson
Country Music — Rounder

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
Eric Clapton
'Run Back To Your Side' Eric Clapton — Reprise

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television, or Other
producers Stephen Bruton & T Bone Burnett
Crazy Heart — New West

Record of the Year
B.o.B. Featuring Bruno Mars
Nothin On You from B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray — Atlantic

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering using soundBlade workstation and a 302 Interface

George Blood
George Blood Audio

Best Instrumental Composition

Temple University Orchestra, Luis Biava director
'Run Back To Your Side' Eric Clapton — Reprise

George Blood, engineer/producer & Al Schmidt, mix engineer using soundBlade workstation

David Glasser
Airshow Mastering

Best Musical Album for Children category

Pete Seeger with the Rivertown Kids and Friends
Tomorrow’s Children — Appleseed Recordings

Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow using a Sonic Studio soundBlade workstation and the 303 Interface

Ken Lee
Ken Lee Mastering

Best Latin Jazz Album category

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet
¡Bien Bien! — Patois Records

Mastered by Ken Lee at Ken Lee Mastering using a SonicStudio HD workstation

Burman Sound Inc

Best Jazz Solo Improvisation

Alan Broadbent Trio's 
Solar from Live at Giannelli Square: Volume 1 — Chilly Bin Records

Mastered by Ellis Burman at Burman Sound Inc. with SonicStudio HD and soundBlade workstations

March, 2010 - Grammy Awards and Sonic Studio


Airshow Mastering
David Glasser
Boulder CO

Charlie Pilzer
Takoma Park, MD


Independent Mastering

Classic Master

Classic Master Brasil


Mastering Engineer: Carlos Freitas

Bang Zoom Bang Zoom Productions Bang Zoom
Best Pop Instrumental Performance Fourplay's first single from Energy "Fortune Teller" [Bluebird/RCA Victor]

Mastering Engineer: Steve Vavagiakis