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Corporate Offices :

Sonic Studio, LLC
P.O. Box 238
Fairfax, CA
+1-415-944-7642 (944-SNIC) - Main Number

Customer Support :

    • First ask your local dealer for assistance. They have a great deal of knowledge about Sonic Studio products and are an excellent resource.
    • Email us using our Support Portals
      > Amarra Support Portal
      > soundBlade/Pro Support Portal
    • For paid-phone support, please visit our support pages for information.

Sales :

For information regarding our products and for all sales related activities please contact us at:

+1 415-944-7642 (944-SNIC)
+1 919-426-2772 (4A-MARRA)

Become a Dealer :

If you are interested in representing our products, please call Sonic Studio sales directly or contact us by e-mail.

About Sonic Studio, LLC :

Sonic Studio manufactures the longest running series of digital audio workstations worldwide. MORE…

Press Inquiries & Communications :

Inquiries should be directed to our Corporate Office.