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Mandy Parnell became interested in recorded music at the age of 5, listening to records on a portable Dansette player - the iPod® of the time. Mandy studied music and music technology through her school & college years, trained and worked in recording studios until landing an internship at a mastering facility; where she worked for many years to become a renowned mastering engineer. Finally, Mandy decided to launch her own facilities Black Saloon Studios in London, England, where her 23 years of experience have allowed Mandy to discover and develop her philosophies in analogue and digital audio, while working with an amazing array of artists.

In 2012, Mandy was presented with the accolade "Mastering Engineer Of The Year' at the MPG Awards, and was honored with a 2nd nomination again in 2013.
Nominated for numerous Grammy® awards,Tech Awards and other honors, Mandy is an active member of the AES, Grammys, APRS as well as the MPG; and is a regular lecturer and panelist for on mastering and the music industry.


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