Hear your music like never before
  • Increased soundstage with improved imaging
  • Quieter background
Play music your way
  • Works with iTunes
  • Use your Apple Remote using iTunes
  • Works without iTunes using Playlist Window
  • Memory Playback
  • Includes Advanced Metering
  • Professional 4-Band EQ with presets

Handles all formats, all resolutions
  • Auto Sample Rate for best audio reproduction
  • Supports sample rates to 384 kHz
  • AIFF, WAV, MP3, ALAC, FLAC, and more
  • DSD / DSF playback on any audio interface
Integrated iRC Room Correction

iRC Impulse Response Correction

iRC addresses issues found in all listening environments: irregular rooms, windows, speaker and furniture placement contribute to a reduced soundstage, balance problems, and often a build-up of bass frequencies.

iRC Impulse Response Correction powered by Dirac brings these under control, resulting in a more focused soundstage with improved phase coherence.

  • Use your iRC license with Symphony, Amarra sQ+, and Amarra for TIDAL
  • 2 channels (2 speakers)
  • Chair, sofa, and auditorium measurements
  • Editable target curve, unlimited break points
  • Easy, simple process capturing all measurements
  • Supports single filter file for multiple sample rates up to 384kHz
  • Each license activates two (2) machines

Impulse Response Correction
Powered by Dirac

Praise for Symphony

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