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ampsandsound Kenzie Amp

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The Kenzie Headphone Amp is a wonderful adaptation of the Darling circuit. It’s a DHT/SET headphone amp that provides more than enough power to be paired with modern planars and inefficient monitors alike. This is the selection for the tube purest who wants that familiar sound paired with headphones’ remarkable imaging.

Key Features of the AmpsandSound Kenzie:

  • Custom wound ultra-high quality US sourced transformers
  • 32 and 600 ohms output jacks via separate 1⁄4” jacks
  • Utilizes WWII era 1626 triode tubes
  • ALPS volume pot
  • Choke filtered power supply
  • Custom walnut chassis with ebony corners and hand rubbed finish
  • Triode strapped output
  • Easy to drive input

Designed to work with both low impedance and high impedance headphones, the Kenzie is the ideal desktop tube headphone amplifier for fans of reference quality headphones from Grado Labs, HiFiMan, Audeze, MrSpeakers, Sennheiser, Enigma Acoustics, Beyerdynamic, and AKG.


  • Input impedance is 10K ohm with alps pot, .5v for full power
  • Noise with pot fully counterclockwise is 500 micro volts RMS (Average)
  • All measured at 32-ohm tap. All power measurements in RMS
  • 100mW 20 Hz (-1db) to 17.7 kHz (-3db)
  • 150mW 20 Hz (-1db) to 14.8 kHz (-3db)
  • 200mW 20 Hz (-1.25db) to 16.7 kHz (-3db)

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