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The Ultimate Audiophile Music Player for Mac

Amarra Symphony 3.0

Hear your music like never before
• Increased soundstage with improved imaging
• Quieter background

Play music your way
All the awesome sound of Amarra and much more!
• Works with iTunes
• Use your Apple Remote using iTunes
• Works without iTunes using Playlist Window
• Memory Playback
• Includes Advanced Metering
• Professional 4-Band EQ with presets

Handles all formats, all resolutions
• Auto Sample Rate for best audio reproduction
• Supports sample rates to 384 kHz
• AIFF, WAV, MP3, ALAC, FLAC, and more
• DSD / DSF playback on any audio interface

Integrated iRC Room Correction
• Measure and address room acoustics with iRC
iRC Measure Application (microphone not included)

Upgrade to Symphony
or add iRC

Upgrade Symphony x.x
to Symphony 3.0


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Request Demo *Requires Microphone & Mac OS X

Praise for Symphony

Steven Stone,

"...this is one powerful and very useful application. "

James S.

"I can't listen to anything without it on now! Thanks for making my speakers sound like they're worth 3 times more than what I paid!"

"With Impulse Room Correction the musical image has just widened massively, with a much tighter audio performance..."     


What is iRC Room Correction?

Every room has problems:

• Parallel walls and irregular shapes cause reflections
• Bricks, windows and other surfaces cause absorption and reflections
• Furniture can cause acoustic absorption and reflections
• Speaker placement can cause timing delays and phase issues

The results are a reduced soundstage, balance problems, and often a build-up of bass frequencies.

iRC brings these under control resulting in a more focused soundstage with improved phase coherence.

With the included IRC Measure application and a calibration microphone, you will be able to dramatically improve the sound of your music system.

Learn more about Symphony with iRC