Product Overview

All Amarra players feature Sonic Studio's mastering-level digital audio engine that has been used to create millions of commercial release CDs worldwide. Using the same digital audio engine creates a unique bond between the mastering engineer and the listener - there's no better way to listen to music. Only Amarra players make this possible.

How do we do it? All Amarra products are designed to optimize the handling and processing of digital audio in your Macintosh computer. We use specialized algorthims and data handling techniques to ensure that your computer is used efficiently. You can hear the difference!

Amarra Symphony 3.0 With iRC


All The Features Of Amarra 3.0 PLUS:

• iRC (Impulse Response Correction)
• iRC Measure Application
• Precision level meters
• Four-band Sonic Mastering EQ
   14 Filter Types for ultimate control
• Channel panning control
• Includes Amarra sQ for streaming content
• Two installation per license

Amarra Symphony is $789 (USD)

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Amarra 3.0


All The Features Of Hifi PLUS:

• 384 kHz support
• DSD file playback
• FLAC file playback
• Cache play
• Playlist mode works independently from iTunes
• Optional iRC(b) Impulse Response Correction
• Independent Amarra EQ Window
• Includes Amarra sQ for streaming content
• Two installations per license

Amarra is $189 (USD)

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Amarra Hifi


• Adds Sonic Studio Engine to iTunes
• Sample rate support up to 192 kHz, 24-bit
• Automatic sample rate switching
• Plays mp3, mp4, alac, aac, wav, aiff
• FLAC to AIFF conversion
• EQ via iTunes interface or via Amarra Presets
• One installation license

Amarra Hifi is $49.99 (USD)

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Amarra and Amarra Symphony 3.0 Upgrade Information

Amarra Software version 3.0 is a paid update for owners of Amarra and Amarra Symphony 2.6 ( and earlier).

Please check your email for important information regarding your upgrade and to receive a coupon for a free or discounted upgrade. This offer is available to all registered owners of Amarra and Amarra Symphony.

For any questions, please contact us at

Amarra 2.6 and Amarra Symphony ( Amarra licenses issued before May 1, 2012 )

Amarra owners with licenses for Amarra 2.3 and earlier access the full feature set of Amarra Symphony including the ability to license two (2) machines, meters, Sonic Mastering EQ, and panner.

MINI Users ( MINI licenses issued before May 1, 2012 )

Amarra MINI owners with licenses for Amarra MINI 2.3 can download Amarra 2.4 and use your current MINI activation code to license one (1) computer.

Junior Users

Consider upgrading to Amarra or Amarra Hifi. Click for information > Upgrade Here

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