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3/13/2012 ListenUp Seminar- Amarra Visits Colorado
11/30/2011 Amarra Hifi Released
9/15/2011 Amarra 2.3 Released
8/24/2011 We mourn the loss of Lee Weiland / Locus Design
07/16/2011 Amarra's Wild World
7/18/2011 RMAF Videos now available
7/15/2011 Planes, Trains, and Autos heading to California Audio Show
6/7/2010 Amarra Reviewed : The Absolute Sound
05/5/2011 Stereophile : Listening
4/25/2011 Amarra to present at Music Matters Event in New York City
4/15/2011 352,8 : High Resolution Tracks for High End Show
4/15/2011 Amarra 2.2 Release and Music Promotion
4/6/2011 Amarra plays Europe 72 for live streaming event
5/19/2011 Higoto to showcase Amarra at Munich High End
3/31/2011 Coup de Foudre Shows Amarra at Salon Et Son Image
3/20/2011 Amarra expands distribution in Japan
1/10/2011 Amarra entertains T.H.E Show and CES
01/09/2011 T.H.E. Show / CES 2011 : "Fine Words Indeed..."
12/28/2010 Amarra 2.1.1 Released
10/20/2010 Amarra recognized at RMAF
10/07/2010 Latest Amarra Launched at Upcoming RMAF
10/01/2010 Reference Recordings : "Sonic EQ best-sounding..."
9/26/2010 START Lab to show Amarra at 2010 Tokyo Hi-End Show
9/12/2010 Amarra in Recent HiFi Shows in Asia
5/8/2010 Sonic Studio Amarra - HiFi Statement (German)

Sonic Studio Releases Amarra Player Version 2.5

Sonic Studio has released version 2.5 of its award winning Amarra music players. Amarra Symphony, Amarra and Amarra Hifi users should download the new release as soon as possible. New updates in version 2.5 include the following:

  • Sonic Studio Process sample rate conversion utilty. Up and down sample rate converstion between 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 and 384 kHz.
  • New Preferences to bypass gain and Amarra EQ. Creates the most direct connection the Amarra music engine and the DAC.
  • Newly written user manuals with a practical guide approach to getting the most out of Amarra
  • Sound quality updates - we're constanlty working to optimize Amarra for the truest, most pure sound quality possible.
  • You can download v.25 by clicking here and selecting your Amarra installer.

    Las Vegas, NV - Amarra Makes (Great-Sounding) Waves at CES & T.H.E. Show

    Amarra will be well represented this year at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show and The Home Entertainment Show in Las Vegas, NV. Many of the world's best audio equipment manufacturer's will depend on Amarra to bring out the best sound possible from their systems.

    Sonic Studio will located at T.H.E Show in the Marketplace. Be sure to stop by and say hello.


    Sonic Releases Amarra Software Version 2.4.3

    Sonic Studio has released version 2.4.3 for the Amarra music player for the Apple Macintosh.  Amarra v2.4.3 provides further stability enhancements as well as delivering and excelling the great sound that Amarra has long been recognized for in musial reproduction.

    Amarra 2.4.3 is avialable as a free update for all users of Amarra Symphony, Amarra, and Amarra Hifi; and users are encouraged to download and install the new version. Click here to download your copy of Amarra v2.4.3.

    Please contact us at with any questions.

    Sonic Studio’s Amarra Preview

    Stereophile Magazines Jason Victor Serinus writes about Amarra 2.4.3.
    Read about the sound and changes with Amarra 2.4.3.
    Amarra 2.4.3

    Click here to read the article.

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest : Room 505

    Check out the Audiogon YouTube™ channel for their view on room 505.
    Listen to James Anderson explain the music and recording and playback using Sonic Studio technology. Listen to the "lush sound".

    Click here to see the video.

    Sonic and HRT Make Beautiful Music Together

    Sonic is pleased announce an exciting bundle of High Resolution Technologies' Music Streamer II + and Amarra or Amarra Hifi. For a limited time, you can buy an HRT Music Streamer II with Amarra for up to 15% off the normal retail price. The HRT Music Streamer II is a great way to get started with a plug-and-play external DAC that supports sample rates up to 96kHz; together with Amarra or Amarra Hifi, the Music Streamer II sounds wonderful and a great addition to your home, office or anywhere you listen to music.

    Click here to learn more about this special offer.

    Amarra Version 2.4.1 Now Avialable

    Amarra 2.3

    Amarra 2.3

    Sonic is pleased announced the release of version 2.4.1 for Amarra Symphony, Amarra and Amarra Hifi ultra-resolution music players. Version 2.4.1 is a free update to all current Amarra version 2.4 player owners and includes a number of new features and stability enhancements. All Amarra users are encouraged to upgrade to version 2.4.1 as soon as possible.

    Version 2.4.1 adds key support for gapless playback in Amarra and playist modes. Now with 2.4.1, users can enjoy uninterrupted music as it flows from one movement to the next. In addition to gapless support, users will be delighted with a host of additional stability improvements and refinements.

    Visit our download page to get your copy.

    Enjoy the's High-End Audio Contest

    Sonic Studio is excited to be a part of this amazing contest!

    Be sure to check this one out:
    Enjoy the's $89,750 Giveaway Contest Puts Everyone In The Best Seat In The House!


    T.H.E Show - Newport CA

    This year T.H.E Show at Newport will be another exiting time for Amarra. Amarra will be on display at THE SHOW exhibition in beautiful Newport, California next week June 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    Newport 2012
    We are honored that Amarra will be part of the best product demonstrations at the show in these manufacturers rooms: Here are a few photo's of from Newport. AudioEngine, TAD and more all used Amarra.

    Important Information for Amarra and MINI 2.3 Users

    Amarra Software Version 2.4 is now available. Current Amarra 2.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible as it features a number of feature and stability enhancements, not the mention we feel this is the best sounding version of Amarra ever.

    Amarra owners who purchased their software before version 2.3 will continue to have access to Sonic Mastering EQ, signal meters and two installs of Amarra with version 2.4. To activate Amarra 2.4, simply use your current Amarra 2.3 serial number or activation code. For all of our current Amarra MINI license holders, your MINI license will activate the new Amarra 2.4. With this update, you now have access to the independent Playlist Window and support for files up to 384kHz sample rate.

    Amarra MINI owners

    Amarra MINI owners should download Amarra 2.4. Your MINI license will activate Amarra 2.4.

    Amarra Junior owners

    Amarra Hifi is Not an upgrade for Junior. Current Amarra Junior License can take advantage of a special upgrade to Amarra 2.4 for just $99. Gain access to Amarra Playlists, Cache playback and more!

    If you haven't used your license for a while, we urge you to give Amarra 2.4 a try, it's our best sounding, most stable version yet.

    Need another evaluation?

    Please contact with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Announcing Amarra Hifi

    Sonic Studio today announced the release of Amarra Hifi, an exciting new product in its highly regarded Amarra family of computer music players for the Apple Macintosh. Priced at $49.99, Amarra Hifi features Sonic Studio’s award winning digital audio engine that works directly with Apple’s ubiquitous iTunes application to deliver an immersive listening experience that reveals previously unheard nuance, punch and clarity in recorded music. In combination with the release of Amarra Hifi, Sonic Studio also announced a revision of its Amarra product range and new pricing that enables music lovers everywhere to enjoy audiophile quality music and control easier than ever before.

    Amarra 2.4 Window: Amarra 2.3

    Amarra Hifi 2.4 Window: Amarra 2.3

    Read the Full Press Release > Here

    Check out the all the Amarra product features > Here

    Munich HIGH END 2012 - A Great Audio Show

    This year Munich's HIGH END show guarantees a success with many of the very best sound anywhere! Our Distributor digital highend will again host a collection of most excellent manufacturer's equipment. Of course Amarra will be used to power the sound.

    Amarra at Munich 2011

    Be sure to visit us in Hall 3/ Booth A06

    Amarra high end audio player

    The first review for Amarra 2.4 by Erik Vlietinck has been published by IT-Enquirer. As Erik says "...if Amarra is one thing, it’s high quality."

    Amarra Review

    Read the Full Review Here >

    ListenUp Seminars - Computer Audio Demystified

    This March ListenUp will have its yearly seminars to showcase the very best in Audio. How to get the best sound and the most music from your computer, your iPhone and your i-everything! Space is limited so RSVP here or call your local store today!

    Learn More Here >

    Mastered For iTunes Paper
    Audio Mythbusting 2012

    Amarra Brings Dead Marathon To Life

    KPFA, the nation's first listener-sponsored radio station, is holding its annual Grateful Dead fund raising marathon on February 4, 2012 (9 am to 1 am PST), hosted by Grateful Dead historian, musician, and longtime KPFA programmer David Gans and featuring stunning high-resolution audio tracks played via Amarra live to air.

    The broadcast will feature 16 hours of recordings of the Dead, Jerry Garcia, and others, plus interviews and live performances by The Fall Risk (in the KPFA studio) and the David Nelson Band (piped in from Hawaii). Listeners will also be treated to selections from Live from Berkeley, volume 2, a compilation of performances from Gans' weekly show, Dead to the World, captured in 96/24 and mastered in HDCD™ by Dave Glasser at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, Colorado. Live from Berkeley, volume 2 will be offered in high-res, FLAC and MP3 as a thank-you gift to those who donate to KPFA during the broadcast.

    "I have been a Sonic user for nearly 20 years," says Gans. "I use soundBlade nearly every day in the course of my music and radio work, and I am very happy to see the company's superior audio technology made available to consumers with Amarra."

    Truly a studio-to-home event featuring great music mastered, delivered and enjoyed powered by Sonic Studio, this event is not to be missed; please visit and KPFA Grateful Dead fund-raising marathon for more information.

    January 15, 2012: Sonic Studio delivers Amarra Hifi for Musical Fidelity

    Sonic Studio is pleased to announce the delivery of Amarra Hifi for Musical Fidelity. This new release if available for the V-Series DACs.

    Read the Full Press Release from Musical Fidelity > Musical Fidelity at CES.

    Las Vegas, NV - Amarra provides High End Sound for CES and T.H.E Show

    Amarra will be well represented this year at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and The Home Entertainment Show in Las Vegas, NV. Many of the world's best audio equipment manufacturer's will depend on Amarra to bring out the best sound possible from their systems. Below is just a short list of some of the companies and rooms to visit and see and more importantly hear Amarra!

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    Sonic Studio releases Amarra 2.3.3 and MINI 2.3.3

    Sonic Studio releases Amarra 2.3.3 with enhancements and new features to the best music sounding music player available for the Apple Macintosh Computer. New features include enchanced artwork support, improved ergonomics, and improvements to sound for the best experience yet.

    Visit our Support page and find the next major release for Amarra and MINI available for download.

    December, 2011: HIFI ZINE Reviews Sonic Studio’s Amarra Computer Music Player

    In its Decemeber 2011 issue of HIFI Zine - The independent audio webzine, Joe Quinn reviews Amarra 2.3.

    "In the world of high-end audio, ‘computer audio’ is now almost as common as a CD player..."

    Read The Review Here...

    November 30, 2011: Amarra Hifi Released

    Owners of Weiss, M2Tech and Musical Fidelity Digital Audio Converters are the first to have access to the new Amarra Hifi application designed specifcally for each manufacturer. The version is available to all new purchases of these high quality converters - Please contact the manufacturer for information on this special offer.

    M2Tech Young



    Musical Fidelity



    Sonic Studio

    Sonic Studio

    Please check back as we will continue to add more high quality converters.
    To learn more about Amarra Hifi and these great components > Click Here

    November, 15, 2011: Winner !! - 2011 Stereophile Computer Audio Component Of The Year

    In its November 2011 issue, Stereophile Magazine announced its 2011 component winners. Amarra was chosen best "Computer Audio Component of the Year!".

    "We are very proud for this award and pleased to have received 15 first places votes.” said Jonathan Reichbach, president of Sonic Studio.

    Be sure to get your copy of this Month's Stereophile and read for yourself!

    October, 2011: Rocky Mountain Highlights

    The Amarra room was a bustling with activity and happy show participants enjoying the sounds of Cat Stevens, Rolling Stones and more.

    Read what John Darko from Digital Audio News had to say : RMAF 2011 Day 2: Amarra

    Empirical Audio with their upcoming DAC used Amarra, Mac2Mini, Parasound and YG Acoustics for a stellar sound.

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    Bottlehead showing their new USB DAC using the acclaimed Amarra 2.3 release.


    Amarra working with dCS to bring the best sound.

    << VTL used Amarra and a Sonic Studio Model Four Firewire Interface for all digital source playback. Thanks to Piper Payne, from the Tape Project, who worked her magic providing excellent sound for all.

    PeachTree showcased their new high-end DAC and used Amarra as their music source. >>

    September, 12, 2011: Stereophile Recommended Components

    Amarra is excited to among the best in audio listed in the Stereophile 2011 Recommended Components list. Be sure to get your copy of this Month's Stereophile and read for yourself!

    October, 2011: Rocky Mountain AudioFest 2011

    Manufacturer's use Amarra to highlight their world class sound systems...

    It is that time of year again when thousands gather in Denver, Colorado for the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

    Amarra was been awarded "RMAF Best of Show 2009", The Absolute Sound "Golden Ear Award 2010" and numerous other accolades. Come check us out and see the latest in Amarra'ware with our new 2.3 release you will surely enjoy the new chic look and sound of Amarra. The show centers at the Denver Marriot Hotel on October 14-16, 2011.

    The Amarra product family will be highlighted through a variety of equipment types, ranging from affordable separates and systems to the ultra-expensive high end. Featured equipment includes Focal, Parasound, Sonic Studio, WireWorld, and Soundstring.

    Events: Daily Schedule and Specials to be announced soon.

    Daily raffles for free software and other specials. Sign up for the Raffle Here -> Sign Up Here

    Read the Full Press Release

    Click here to visit the RMAF site

    September, 15, 2011: Release 2.3 Now Available

    Check out our new release Release 2.3 and then visit our downloads page and find the next major release for Amarra and MINI available for download.

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    September, 12, 2011: Stereophile Recommended Components

    Amarra is excited to among the best in audio listed in the Stereophile 2011 Recommended Components list. Be sure to get your copy of this Month's Stereophile and read for yourself!

    August, 2011: Lee Weiland of Locus Design

    We all mourn the loss of Lee Weiland, a great friend who taught us all a lot.

    July 20, 2011: Using Amarra and OS X Lion 10.7 Release

    Amarra can be used with the current 10.7 OS X release and with iTunes 10.4. Amarra has been working well with Lion.

    We have found one issue with the Amarra Plugin and have provided information on our FAQ.

    For more information please read our FAQ : Amarra and 10.7, iTunes 10.4

    July 18, 2011: Rocky Mountain Videos Available for viewing

    At the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Jonathan Reichbach particpated on a panel on Advances in Computer Audio. With John Atkinson as the moderator you can hear Jonathan, John Strocnzer of Bel Canto, Rob Robinson of Channel D and others.

    Click Here for the Video!


    July 15-17, 2011: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles heading to California Audio Show

    Audio enthusiasts unite Friday July 15 to Sunday July 17 at the Crowne Plaza SFO, located at the San Francisco International Airport. Sonic Studio will be providing a great sound while presenting :

    Our equipment setup includes:

    CAL 2011

    Be sure to plan on visiting Room 326 and listen!

    Visit our partners to see Amarra!

    May 25, 2011: Amarra to present at Music Matters Event in New York City

    On Wednesday May 25 from 5-9, Stereo Exchange will host an event to showcase the very best in audio solutions. Amarra will be present to show our newest release as well as present an overview of future developments.

    Amarra at CES 2011

    Be sure to plan on visiting Stereo Exchange.

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    May 10, 2011: 352,8 : digital highend. - High Resolution Tracks for High End Show

    Our host at thiis year's Munich Highend has compiled a collection of the very highest resolution audio. For visitors to the 2011 Munich High End show a free welcome Audio-DVD with music examples in 352,8 will be available. They also sound great in 176,4 and 88.2 kHz.

    352,8 Amarra at CES 2011

    Be sure to visit us in Hall 4/ Booth H03

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    July, 2011: Amarra's Wild World

    "In the Amarra room, we listened to the great Cat Stevens singing “Wild World” through Focal floorstanders, Parasound amplification, Amarra’s Model 4 digital-to-analog converter ($4000), and Amarra Mini playback software ($295), which supports up to 192kHz sample rates.

    The system’s overall sound was clean, detailed, and transparent, while Cat Stevens’s voice was lovely, full of wonder and pain—just as it should be.

    Stephen Mejias for Stereophile Magazine :

    July, 2011: Stereophile : Listening

    Read what Art Dudley from Stereophile Magazine had to say about Amarra in the July 2011 issue of Stereophile.

    “Unsurprisingly, Amarra sounded wonderful…Amarra cleaned up the sound, smoothed out and extended the trebles, and presented my music files in a manner that sounded naturally detailed and consistently involving…In fact, listening to Amarra play 176 and 192kHz music files through the updated Ayre QB-9…, it appeared that I had reached the same performance heights as with the high-resolution, Ethernet-powered Linn Majik DS-I digital player.”

    To read the full article, pick up this month's issue of Stereophile…
    We would like to add that our lower cost Amarra MINI and Amarra Junior share the same high quality sound as Amarra.

    May 5, 2011: CEPro - Reviews Sonic Studio Amarra 2.2.1 music playback software

    "The Mac-based Amarra software from Sonic Studio features design influence from the world of pro audio music editing and mastering. Engineered to run over the top of iTunes, the software is designed to improve the sound of iTunes music files..." -- Robert Archer, CEPro

    Click here to read the full review...

    Read More

    March 23, 2011: Steve Nugent "Amarra EQ enables TAS Best of Show Award"

    "Empirical Audio tested several different playback software packages with our Off-Ramp 4 USB converter and award-winning Overdrive DAC. Amarra delivered the best sound quality for us. We also found Amarra's EQ to be indispensable, in one case enabling a TAS Best Sound of Show at RMAF 2010. This is unlike any other EQ we have used. Not only versatile, but completely transparent. Even purists should experience the benefits of this EQ. We plan to expand our use by taking advantage of Sonic EQ in the future. -- Steve Nugent, Empirical Audio

    January 11, 2011: Fine words indeed!

    At the 2011 CES and T.H.H Show Amarra was in full force in many rooms. Please read what Marc Philip said (roughly translated).

    "…We had the opportunity to compare side by side, Amarra against iTunes alone, and there, from my point of view, the advantage is clearly in favor of Amarra, ..., in a word with Amarra it's musical." -- T.H.E. Show 2011 coverage by Marc Philip, Magazine Audio

    Click here to read the full review...

    Read More

    July 2010: A Clever Piece of Software

    In the July 2010 edition of Hi-Fi Choice, Ed Seeley “investigates a clever piece of software…Sonic Studio has a long background in the field of mastering music, especially with Red Book CD. Its move from the studio to the home is Amarra, a piece of software designed to take on the task of deliverng music from iTunes to the USB or FireWire output of the Mac and offering sample rates and (in the case of the full version) parametric EQ settings.”

    “What is clear is that Amarra is able to natively process files above 24-bit/96kHz, which iTunes cannot do and will, in fact work, up to 24-bit/192kHz…Reviews from around the world appear to be generally positive…, so it must be assumed Amarra is doing something (right) at this level as well.”

    “…Amarra treads the fine line between being a vital additional piece of the computer audiophile world and a 21st Century graphic equalizer.” -- Ed Seeley, Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

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    October 1st, 2010: Reference Recordings : Sonic EQ best-sounding available...

    "We have depended on Sonic Studio software for many years to edit our high-resolution digital masters. We currently use Sonic's soundBlade and Sonic EQ, which our testing proves to be the best-sounding EQ available." - Keith O. Johnson, Technical Director, Reference Recordings

    Click here learn more about Sonic EQ...

    Learn More

    Click here to Visit Reference Recordings

    reference recordings

    September 26th, 2010: Amarra at Tokyo Hi-End Show

    Tokyo Hi End Show

    株式会社 音元出版

    That means Hi-End Show Tokyo, 2010. Start Lab will be showing Amarra there next month.

    Click to visit the site. (Japanese only)

    September 12th, 2010 : Amarra Highlights Shows in Bangkok, Taiwan and Hong Kong

    bangkok audio show

    During the Thailand BAV show, Amarra is used in several events.

    Click here to read more

    June 14, 2010 : Amarra Garners Golden Ear Award

    Golden Ear Award

    "...Amarra is an indispensable part of any state-of-the-art Mac-based computer audio system."

    — Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound, Issue 202"

    June 7, 2010 : Amarra Reviewed : The Absolute Sound

    Golden Ear Award

    "The Absolute Sound has never reviewed a piece of computer software. That’s about to change. Computer-based digital audio has now advanced to where it competes sonically with traditional media. But to achieve this ultimate level of fidelity requires not only state-of-the art hardware but also cutting-edge software. Currently the best and easiest way for a Mac-owning music-lover to optimize his iTunes playback experience is with the Amarra software package."

    Continue Reading the Review

    May 8th, 2010 : Sonic Studio Amarra reviewed : HiFi Statement

    bangkok audio show

    Sonic Studio Amarra und Amarra Mini Computer Music Player
    Click here to read the review

    Sonic Studio Amarra Computer Music Player – die zweite
    Click here to read the review

    May 1, 2011 : Amarra 2.2 Released - Free Music !!

    Sonic Studio release Amarra 2.2 is available to all registered users.

      Amarra 2.2 : Features
    • 384 kHz Sample Rate Support
    • Web based Authorization
    • Stability Improvements
    • 15 Day Evaluation
      Amarra MINI 2.2 : Features
    • 192 kHz Sample Rate Support
    • Web based Authorization
    • Amarra EQ Included
    • Stability Improvements
      Amarra Junior 2.2 : Features
    • 96 kHz Sample Rate Support
    • Improved EQ Presets
    • New Look
    • Easy upgrade to all Amarra products

    Free Music Offer!!!

    We are pleased to offer Free Music with your purchase of Amarra or Amarra MINI.
    Choose your choice of Free Music when you register your purchase.

    Festival Link

    NOTE : All registered users will need an Activation Code to run Amarra 2.2
    Click here to learn more...

    April 6th, 2011 : Amarra plays Europe 72 for live streaming event

    On Wednesday April 6, 2011 David Gans, host of the syndicated Grateful Dead Hour, played a pre-release version of Dark Star as well as an interview with David Glasser of Airshow Mastering on the mastering and production of the release. This broadcast was played live using Amarra.

    For more information read the full story Here...

    For more information on "dead to the world" and David Gans, please visit: Dead To The World.

    May 19th, 2011 : Amarra celebrates 3 years at Munich High End

    For our third year Amarra will again be in the Higoto Booth in Hall 4 H03. Be sure to stop bye and say hello and check out the latest updates to our software. In addition, our esteemed James Anderson will be presenting talks on Audiophile Myths and VINYL recording.

    Amarra at CES 2011

    March 31th, 2011 : Coup de Foudre Shows Amarra at Salon Et Son Image

    At this years Salon Son & Image in Montereal one of the best sounding rooms will surely be the Coupe de Foudre rooms ( 1215 and Longueuil ). The system will use the extraordinary Wilson X2 speakers, VTL amplification, and Amarra as the computer digital source.

    Salon Et Son Image

    March 20th, 2011 : Amarra Expands Distribution in Japan

    Sonic Studio is pleased to announce that AZ Audio has been named the new Master Distributor for Japan. Based in Nagoya AZ Audio is an high end audio company specializing in helping their customers achieve the best sound possible from their computer based music system.

    Amarra at CES 2011

    Janurary, 2011 :The Absolute Sound CES 2011 coverage by Steven Stone

    Sonic’s new $695 VINYL software package was a revelation. Designed to port any analog source into the digital domain, it includes some very effective and musically benign impulse filters for pops, clicks, and surface noise. It can also do wonders for digital files with static clicks."

    Janurary 10th, 2011 : Amarra brings out the best at T.H.E Show and CES in Las Vegas, NV

    Music veterans from around the world will be entertained at CES and T.H.E show this coming January 6-9th, 2011. Many manufacturer's will be using Amarra to bring out the best sound possible for their products. This show of support is just one example of how Amarra music players improve your digital music collections.
    Be sure to check out how Amarra sounds on all these great sounding systems - Come visit our table at T.H.E. Show in The Marketplace to learn more.

    Read the Press Release Here > Amarra CES 2011 Activities

    James Anderson and Ralph Schacher delivering the Amarra message :
    Amarra at CES 2011 Amarra at CES 2011

    December 28th, 2010 : Amarra 2.1.1 Released !!

    Amarra Release 2.1.1 is a maintenance update for Amarra, Amarra MINI, and Amarra Junior.
    The release includes many stability improvements and a few new features.

    Download the latest versions here > DOWNLOAD HERE...

    December 6th, 2010 : Amarra 2.1 Released !!

    Sonic Studio announced the release of Amarra 2.1 and updates all Amarra Products. The newest addition is the official release of Amarra VINYL 1.0

    Download the latest versions here > DOWNLOAD HERE...

    October 20th, 2010 : Amarra Recognized at RMAF 2010

    This years RMAF was an exciting time and our pre-release versions of Amarra 2.1 and Amarra VINYL were well received by all.

    Steven Stone of The Absolute Sound : "Best of Show"
    RMAF 2010 "…for me the sound in the Iris room featuring Salk Soundscape 12 speakers, the Empirical Audio Overdrive Signature DAC, and Balanced Power Technologies Cabling was the one that moved me the most."
    Note: This system used Amarra as its source.
    Steven also stopped by to check out Amarra VINYL > Read the complete blog entry here...

    Stephen Mejias of Stereophile states "Whats Amarra You?"
    Stephen Mehias stopped by and reported on a fine demo by Sonic Studio's James Anderson > Check out the full story!

    SoundStage reports on Amarra VINYL > Read the SoundStage report here...

    RMAF 2010

    Audiogon Pictures & Report > Check the pictures out here...

    Congratulations to our RMAF Raffle Winners! We want to thank everyone who entered the raffle contest and congratulations to our Raffle Winners: Matt, Dave, Etienne, Greg, Rachel, Nigel, and Scott.

    Read about Amarra 2.1 here > Amarra 2.1 Product Sheet

    Read about Amarra VINYL here >Amarra VINYL Product Sheet

    October 7th, 2010 : Latest Amarra Launched at Upcoming RMAF

    Sonic Studio & Partners Will Intro and Preview New High End Audio Gear

    Once again, over 4,000 audio enthusiasts will gather in Denver, Colorado for this fall’s 7th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

    Amarra was awarded "RMAF Best of Show 2009." Come check us out for a repeat performance as Sonic Studio will again be showcasing the Ultrafidelity sound of Amarra at The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest being held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel on October .15-17, 2010.

    The Amarra product family will be highlighted through a variety of equipment types, ranging from affordable separates and systems to the ultra-expensive high end. Featured equipment includes Focal, Parasound, B&W, Locus Design, WireWorld, and Soundstring.

    Sonic Studio will also be working with several channel partners. OEM partner Weiss Engineering Ltd., SimpliFi Audio, Locus Design, Von Schweikert Audio and Balanced Power Technologies LLC will all feature Amarra in their suites.

    Events : Daily Schedule and Specials

    Amarra – High Resolution Music for your Macintosh Introduction to Amarra Vinyl

    Daily raffles for t-shirts, free software and other specials.

    Read the latest newsletter for more information.

    Click here for the Sonic Studio RMAF Press Release

    Click here to visit the RMAF site

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